Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


Asolo Theatre, Marilyn "Forever Blonde" June 29 

This outing was arranged by Judy Karr. We were lucky in that we had inexpensive balcony seats and were moved to the really great seats!!! Yes.....management knew this would be a relevant show for us.  They could see that  all of us had that Marilyn Monroe problem....you know.....being sex symbols.  It isn't easy - right?!  The role was performed beautifully by Sunny Thompson who claims Marilyn was part of her world from birth.  I don't know, she looked pretty young.  Her husband, Greg Thompson wrote and produced this show and talked her into trying it.  We heard rumors that a drag queen who does Marilyn helped her get her makeup and mannerisms down.  She really got it down.  It was a one woman show divided into two acts and she had no line fluffs that I could discern. 
     Report by Carolyn Holmes, MadSaltyDog

      Photos submitted by Judy Karr!


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