Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


Dali Museum & Lunch at Columbia Restaurant, August 17, 2011 

    Picture submitted by Jean Ozimek

On August 17th the Dali Museum was enjoyed by the Bitter Ends.  The new museum devoted entirely to the artist Dali opened on 1-11-11.  It is a spectacular setting and eye popping art.  After our tour we all went to the Columbia Restaurant on the Pier at St. Pete.  We overlooked the sea where many of our Salts had sailed in Rainbow Regattas.  A  Fun Day!
     The following attended:
Seated L-R:
  Ethel VanDam, Jill Engel, Vera Taborsky

Backrow L-R:  Carolyn Homes, Jean Ozimek, Karen Williams, Helen Gokbudak, Marcia Hawryschuk, Wendy Murray, Judy Karr,  Nancy Bradtmiller, Diane Henderson, Nancy Muldoon, Brenda Bell, Sylvia Turner, Ann Carroll, Miriam Staveley.
            Report by Helen Gokbudak



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