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Biking the Legacy Trail, July 13, 2011  

Eight brave Bitter End ladies ventured out on the Legacy Trail today and all made it back to the start point via varying methods. We had a relaxing, shady ride up to First Watch in Sarasota. Our photo was taken by Ed of the Sarasota County Parks so watch for us in upcoming ads. We had very healthy breakfasts at First Watch (fruit, granola, yogurt, etc.), except for the enticing looking waffle eaten by Helen.

The excitement started on the way back. Judy got a flat shortly after leaving the restaurant and after the group made sure she was safely positioned at the Potter Park YMCA she waited patiently for hubby Mike to pick her up since none of us had spare tubes or a pump. By this point, most of the shade was gone, the sun was HOT, and the wind had picked up. We proceeded at a great pace back down the trail, but shortly before the last 5 miles and close to the Oscar Scherer Park entrance, Vera felt a little woozy. Luckily nurse Helen and Miriam were available to make sure Vera sat down, was doused in water to cool off, and given electrolytes to drink. Pam and others rode back to the parking lot, got a car with a bike carrier and were able to get into the Oscar Scherer camp area that is right off the trail thanks to the Sarasota County Parks employees. Vera was picked up for an air conditioned ride back to her car and hopefully replenished her salt when she got home as instructed by the nursing crew.

All is all, the group had a great time. Everyone agreed that another bike outing would be appropriate, but the preference would be for September/October when cooler winds prevail.

Thanks to all who joined me on this activity!
Pam Miller



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