Movie Morning followed by lunch & swim at Vera Taborsky's home, July 28, 2010

    Only three chose to go to the movies. Helen Gokbudak, Jill Engel, and Nancy Marik went to see Salt which they enjoyed.  Afterwards on to Vera Taborsky's for lunch and a possible swim.  Many of our gals were already at Vera's all totaling 15 or so.  Ladies brought their favorite sandwich for sharing which provided for a delicious looking selection of sandwiches.  After all had eaten Vera brought out the surprise Birthday cake for Sylvia Turner.  The cake was a most scrumptious chocolate cake.  Carol Miller and Nancy Marik decided on a swim in Vera's beautiful pool.  All had a nice visit with one another.  Thank you, Vera for such a pleasant get-together.
                   Vera Taborsky, Activity Host
                   Report by Nancy Marik

                   Pictures by Nancy Marik and Judy Karr
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Buying tickets for Salt

Nice touch! A reserved spot for Garry and Bettine DeLea. Bettine is out of the cast but still needs a brace.

Vera greets us and induces her artist, Coleen Henry, who has come to sign her original art work: Wisteria in the bathroom.

Chillin' out at Veras

Nancys a two!

The Birthday Surprise for Sylvia!

Carol Miller relaxing in the pool.

Carol and Nancy Marik really chillin' out!

Vera shows off the hand painted Wisteria. Note the artist signature.


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