Learn to Sail Meeting at Judy Karr's home, Birthday surprises, August 25, 2010

     The Bitter Ends met at Judy Karr's home on August 25, 2010 to prepare for the "Learn to Sail" class and the new racing season. Judy graciously opened her home to us and it was a delight to see all the great art and fabulous collections she has displayed in such an artistic manner. She truly has a unique and wonderful style.
      There were about 23 people in attendance at the meeting and all brought the most delicious food. Sylvia Turner said we are now a cooking and sailing organization! We started out with a birthday song and cake for Judy Collins and Penny(XCP). They both looked wonderful and very much younger than their official paperwork may say. The Bitter Ends helps keep people younger - you can see it in the energy and exuberance that is shown when we get together. Membership sign-up forms were handed out with the waiver and rental forms. Those should be returned with a check to Judy Karr before Sept. 30th.
      Wendy Murray, Captain, called the meeting to order around 11:00. She thanked all the people who planned summer programs. She discussed a few dates to remember such as September 1, 2010, 9:00AM to clean up pram shed. We need to bring shop-vacs if we have them. Brooms, dustpans, rags would also be useful. Another date is Sept. 8th - we will be checking the boats to see what needs to be repaired on them. The Learn To Sail classes will be Sept. 13th - 17th.
     Sept. 21st is the FWSA meeting and Penny (XCP) will be going to that for us. On Sept. 22, 2010 we will get out on the water, but the races will not be counted. This will be a day to show new members what we are doing out there. The next Wed., Sept. 29th is the first day the races will count. Wendy also mentioned the Hurricane Preparedness Committee, consisting of Judy Karr, Judy Collins, Bettine DeLea and Penny Washburn(XCP). They will be in charge of getting us organized to get the boats in the pram shed if we should need to.
     Wendy passed the meeting to Helen Gokbudak and Judy Karr Co-chairwomen of Learn to Sail. Helen was enthusiastic about the number and quality of the women wanting to take the class. We have 10 women who have signed up and paid. Four of the new women are due to Beth Anderson, some saw the ads in the Gondolier - thanks to the PR work of Mardie Skoegard. We also had one woman join from seeing the booth we had in "ActiVenice" a few weeks ago. Thanks to all who worked that. Helen went through the schedule of the different days and the activities and who would be involved in doing what. Hats off to Helen and Judy - there is much planning involved in this. If you can't remember what or when you are supposed to be participating give Helen (484-4192) or Judy ((485-4143) a call.
     We were reminded to study the parts of the sailboat so that we will use the correct terms with the new salts. Also, when trying to get out to the racecourse try and only help your buddy with directions, as too many people talking to new sailors will just make them nervous. There are 5 IODs for sale at a price of $695 each. Go down to the pram shed ASAP if you are interested in perhaps buying one, as the new ones will be in very shortly. Nancy Muldoon had a tip that sounds very useful. If you wrap your lettuce (also celery) in foil it will last quite a long time. We never really adjourned - the food called out to us and we just decided to eat!   
                Report by Carolyn Holmes      
                Pictures by Judy Karr

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