Ft. DeSoto Nature Hike, Kayaking & Swimming, June 16, 2010
   Our group of Kayakers

    Marine Biologist, Dana Lawson, of Natures Academy based at Ft. DeSoto Park in Pinellas County Florida led our group of 12 ladies on a very informative Nature Hike, followed by a Kayaking Adventure, and later after lunch we had a Swim.
   Our 12 included past Captain Penny and her daughter Heather, visiting from Maine, and two friends of Mardis, Linda and Debbe, who are probably going to take our Learn to Sail 2010 class in September.
   Although it was a warm day, starting early and taking our hike first worked out well.   Hearing about how the various plants and trees survive and procreate and the importance of proscribed burns to maintain the natural cycle of growth and to control parasitic and invasive plants.  We learned the only native Florida palm tree is the Cabbage Palm.
   The adventure in the Kayak trip was a visit right up next to our kayaks by a baby Manatee.  Dana pointed out Mom was probably nearby, we hope, as our baby already had scars on its back probably due to boat props.  Some of our group also saw a couple of Dolphins early on in our paddling.
   After being asked, Dana shared with us her grave concerns for the entire Gulf coast due to the horrendous Oil Spill/Leak, providing us with new insight on the expected devastating impact over time to virtually all plant and sea life along the coast.

  After coming off the water we went to the East Beach area of the Park.  We ate our bag lunches while overlooking Tampa Bay and went for a refreshing swim.
                   Nancy Marik, Activity Host and Report Writer
                   Pictures by Judy Karr and Nancy Marik
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