Clyde Butcher's Studio Tour and Lunch, Auguust 18, 2010
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    Ahoy Mates.....a little rundown on the event planned by Past Captain Penny. What a wonderful time this was! We had a great turnout, maybe 20-25 people. We were welcomed to the studio by Jackie Obendorf, who will be taking the "Learn to Sail" class and joining us this year. She is Clyde Butcher's daughter and married to Neal Obendorf. Neal is the son of Cheryl Obendorf who was a very early member of the Bitter Ends. Neal took us on a tour of the studio and did a great job explaining the developing process including the enlargers, chemical baths, printers and more. He also showed us all the wonderful old enlargers they own. One was an old Salzman (1930's) from the Miami Herald - very large. They buy English paper that they get in 52" by 100' long rolls. The studio is very large, with Clyde's pictures mounted everywhere.
     We met Clyde, who has been busy being filmed by the BBC. He was very charming and looked just like his pictures. He graciously posed with our group and signed our purchases. Jackie explained how the studio in Venice came into being. She bought the building to house her import/export business and had extra space in back where Clyde set up some things. Well, his business took off and gradually it became a big family affair, with the building finally becoming devoted to the Photography Studio and Gallery. They also are down in Ft. Myers and the Everglades. The pictures were grand. They were done in black and white and Clyde doesn't use the digital format, so they are able to do lots of playing around to get the looks they want.
     It is very impressive and if you didn't make it today, maybe you can make it to one of their open houses or just stop in to visit the gallery. After we did this we went to Pineapples, the restaurant that has caused such controversy, due to its green color. It was lovely inside and doing a brisk business - maybe too brisk - we had a table grabbed from us, as they had a waiting list of 1 hour! The food was very good at our table and I heard no complaints from any of the other tables. So, I think we really liked this restaurant. There is plenty of room for events there.

                   Penny Washburn, Activity Host
                   Pictures by Judy Karr
                   Report by Carolyn Holmes 


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