Beach Party and Lunch at Park/Sharkey's, July 7, 2010 

    We had a great time at Service Park Beach with many members attending and looking glamorous in their bathing suits.  Somehow our hostess, Nancy Bradtmiller, presented us with a beautiful sunny day after about a week of rain. The water was smooth, just perfect for cooling off and having a nice lazy summer chat.  Besides Nancy greeting us, there was also an American Eagle to welcome us. He or she was in the pine tree as you came to the end of the boardwalk.  Nancy Marik sailed/kayaked over on her Hobie.  It is a kayak that you can peddle, sail, and paddle. She did a great job tacking back and forth.  (Nancy thanks those who helped haul her Hobie out and Miriam particularly for pushing the aft section up the sand to the beach entrance). 
   After we all cooked at the beach, some people went to have a picnic at the park (this park has quite a few covered picnic tables) and some of us left to go to Sharkey's, where we met up with even more Bitter Ends. Bettine was without her cane. Yea! As we finished lunch at Sharkey's, Miriam came in with the problem that she couldn't get her car to go backward out of the Service Park Beach. Only forward for Miriam! Nancy Marik gave her a ride back to her car and after a prayer it started and worked fine.  Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Holmes (slightly edited by the webmaster).
        Pictures by Nancy Marik and others using her water camera
            (click on photos below for larger image and back button to return)

Nancy Marik arrives on her Hobie

Helen Gobudak is ready to float away in Paradise

Carol Crane and Karen Williams

Carolyn Holmes found some treasures while snokeling around


Carol Boardman with cool drink and shade -- Only way to do Summer in Florida

Miriam Stavely enjoying the moment

Hobie haulling

Carol Miller is ready for the Swimsuit Competition!

Nancy Bradtmiller, our host, and Jane Forbush taking in the SUN

Carol Crane at rest before having to go to work. Where's her cool drink?

Penny Washburn left made it

A bit too sunny are Penny, Carolyn, and Nancy

Garry and Bettine DeLea and Karen Williams

Jill Engel, Helen Gobudak, Carol Crane, and Ethel VanDam

Nancy Marik. Thanks Caroyln for my picture you captured with your Blackberry phone. Cool!


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