RACING and FUN SAIL to NOKOMOS for LUNCH!  October 06, 2021! -          

Getting ready to leave Nokomos, a view on high!

Bitter Ends, October 6, 2021, Racing and Fun Sail to Nokomis on Dona Bay. Excerpts from Captain Pam Miller's report of the day's adventure: "A round of applause to all the sailors and anchors who made today so spectacular. To start we had a picture perfect day with predictable 8-10 mph winds with just a few light gusts.

Boat rigging and launching was achieved in an efficient manner which allowed us to start the races around 9:45 a.m. When we had quickly completed 3 races by 10:30, Captain Kim and his crew were very amenable to a 4th race. ... The sail to Nokomo's was delightful and especially a treat for those who got to see the dolphins playing by the seawall. ...

Nokomo's was accommodating and quickly provided water to all and then other refreshments as ordered. The meals came out as quickly as is feasible when you have 20+ people show up for lunch at once. ...
The sail back to Higel was just as delightful other than the need to tack multiple times since the wind was out of the South."

Captain Pam Miller snapped this photo as we sailed to Nokomos in Nokomos.

Captain Pam Miller also stayed out to get this photo of us all docked and lined up at Nokomos.

Nancy Marik snapped and merged this pan shot showing all the sails before the light breeze swayed our sails.

RC Boat and general helpers Bill, Kim, Brian, Captain Pam and PC Anne.

Active sailors, active Anchor Helpers and Anchors enjoyed lunch together. Sherry, Sue, Ann, Beth, and Wendy.

Our new salts: Pam R. Mary, Sandy V., and Sandy K.

Old Salts: Jill, Jane, PC Marge, and Shirley.

Old Salt Nancy, and active Anchors; Penny, Carol, and Jean.


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