Summer 2021 Activity 9: SUMI-E Painting - August 4, 2021 -         

Bitter Ends, August 4, 2021, Summer Activity 9, SUMI-E Painting, Instructional Hostess Anne Chotkowski and Room Hostess Nancy Muldoon. First off, thank you to Nancy Muldoon for arranging our classroom, the Curry House at Bay Indies which proved to be a large air-conditioned space with restrooms and long tables quiet suitable for us to spread out to paint. Artist and Bitter End Anne presented a well organized and pleasurable class. After a brief history of Sumi-e painting Anne explained the brushes, inks, and paper we were to use. She had practice materials ready for us to use after each of several demonstrations. We practiced techniques to paint bamboo stalks, bamboo leaves, birds, and panda bears. After these practices we started a final work on the special rice paper. Our group picture is a display of our final works showing a variety of compositions. To set the mood Anne also played relaxing oriental music in the background and made cupcakes for a tasty treat as we were cleaning up. The cost of $10 covered our materials and sent us home with enough supplies to continue SUMI-E painting at home. Thank you Anne for a well prepared, creative, and fun lesson.

 Left to right: Our Instructor Anne, Wendy, Lois, Marge, Jill, Penny, our room Hostess Nancy Muldoon, and Nancy.

This week's themed collage by Nancy Marik!

Our Instructor Anne Chotkowski shows book she has studied and uses a reference.

Nancy Muldoon arranged for use of the Curry House at Bay Indies for our class.

Our classroom at Curry House!

Anne demonstrates bamboo painting stroke!

How SUMI_E paintings are signed.

Ink in a bottle. Main ingredient Soot and Vegetable Oil.

SUMI-E Painting Samples. Note lower right was done buy Anne.


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