Summer 2021 Activity 4:  Donna's Beads Jewelry Making Class- June 23, 2021 -         

Bitter Ends, June 23, 2021. Summer Activity 4, Making Jewelry at Donna's Beads in Sarasota, Hostess Jill Joos. 

Jill’s activity provided an educational and fun afternoon, and everybody had a bracelet and a pair earnings they made to take home.  The majority of participants started with an early lunch at Paradise Grill in Nokomis and carpooled to Donna’s Beads in Sarasota.   The class was very well organized with all the materials provided and laid out in front of us.  Our instructors, Ashley and Judi, were patience and helpful as were all worked on our projects.   Thank you, Jill for arranging for this activity.

This week’s themed collage is using a silhouette of earnings and bracelet in the making.    Donna's Beads, website:  https://www.donnasbeads.com/ , offers various classes on beading and bead weaving.

Showing off our finished bracelet and earrings, Top to Bottom, left to right:
Top row: Mary, Nancy, staff instructors: Ashley and Judi;
2nd row: Lois, Jill, Captain Pam, Julie (Marge's sister);
3rd row:  Jane, Anne, Marty;
4th row: Dianne, Marge, Connie

Ashley, shop owner Donna's daughter,  took this overhead photo of Faces & Hands with Bracelets for us.

Hostess Jill Joos!

Donna's Beads in Sarasota, FL. Our staff Instructors: Ashley and Judi.

Not Twins: Sisters Marge Whiteman and her sister Julie!

Connie Lippowitsch and Jane Gallagher

Dianne Henderson and Marty Skoegard

Jane, Anne Chotkowski, and Mary Littel

Working on our projects.

Mary Littel

Nancy Marik and Captain Pam Miller

Captain 2021-2022 Season Pam Miller

Showing Off our finished projects! Starting with Anne and Connie.

Dianne and Jane

Marge and her Sister Julie!

Jill and Lois

Mardy and Mary

Nancy and Captain Pam

Ashley took this overhead photo Hands with Bracelets for us.


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