Change of Watch/Year End Party May 26, 2021 -         

Captain Marge Whiteman reports on her Season 2020-2021
Captain Pam Miller shares her summary of the Change of Watch/Year End Party
Social Time at 9 AM - May 26, 2021: Bitter Ends Year End Party/Change of Watch. Good attendance by both active Sailors and Anchor Members kicking off with refreshments and Social Time. Time to visit and view displays before and after the meeting. “Bitter Ends in Print” display by PR Pam Miller included all the Newspaper articles for this 2020-2021 Season. Bitter Ends settle down to win door prizes. Awards, Winners and Honors are covered in separate posts.

Our event took place at Maxine Barritt Park and Anchor Beth Anderson got there very early to claim the big pavillon for our party. Thank you Beth!

Karen and Beth

Captain Marge Whiteman, 2020-2021 Season

Marge and Lois (Captain and Vice-Captain 2020-2021 Season

Pam Miller made this chronological banner from the 13 photos and 4 articles of the Bitter Ends that were published in the Gondolier this past year.

Anne, Jerri and Wendy

Nancy Muldoon and Shirley

Nancy, Sandy K., and Jane

Pam, Sandy V., and Janet

Penny and Jill

Sara, Lois Stufflebean, Ann, and Sylvia

All settle down to win one of the door prizes!

Door prize winners!

After the meeting social time and time to look at the displays.

Lois and Don

Honoring Lois Steketee

May 26, 2021:  Bitter Ends Honor Charter Member Lois Steketee.  Captain Marge Whiteman makes the presentations to an emotional Lois.  Honors include:  An Award Plaque commemorating Lois’ 45 years as an Active Sailor, and letter announcing VWSS’ unanimous vote granting her Honorary Membership.  Additionally, Lois is honored with a tabletop 8x10 hinged frame with her best sailing photos, a framed 20x30 poster with some 40 photos reflecting her Bitter Ends journey and a decorated Keepsake Photo Book also capturing 40 plus photos highlighting her 45 years.  Almost speechless as all was a surprise Lois warmly thanked everyone by giving out kisses!  That’s Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses!  Note Lois had planned on giving kisses before knowing of all her honors.

Note:  Captian Marge Whiteman coordinated the vote, prepared the letter, and had the plaque made.  Photos gifts were prepared by Historian Nancy Marik.

Captain Marge builds suspense in presenting Gifts Honoring Lois.

20x30 Poster of Photos from Lois' 45 years of active sailing!

Next a Photo Book is presented to Lois with the theme of "Celebrating 45 years of ..."!

Lois receives a crystal plaque award commemorating her 45 years!

Displaying Lois' Gifts.

Beth captures this photo of Nancy who is taking everybody else's picture!

Lois gives out kisses! That's Hershey's Chocolate Kisses!

The Letter to Lois graning her Honorary Membership!

Close up of the Poster!

May 26, 2021, Bitter Ends Change of Watch, Series 2 Race Winners, other Awards & Thank yous.

    Pam Miller presented the Race Awards.   Jill Joos, Anne Chotkowski, and Jane Gallagher earned recognition for their Perfect Attendance.  New Salts present were awarded certificates of participation with Starfish Charms.  Sunfish Fleet B winners are Marge Whiteman, 1st Place, Cathy Hill (not present) 2nd Place, and Anne Chotkowski 3rd Place.   Sunfish Fleet A winners are Ann Carroll, 1st Place, Janet Molen 2nd Place, and Jill Joos 3rd Place.   Click here for pdf file of entire results and standings.

      Captain Marge Whiteman next presented small Thank you gifts to her Board (elected and appointed positions) and other needed thanks yous.  The “Bear Ends”, i.e. the Anchor group of members organized by Beth Anderson to go out in Beth’s boat as a Safety and added Helper Boat were given special thank yous.   Next Captain Marge presents Bitter Ends Annual Shipmate Award.  As the description of the winner is read, one becomes sure its one person but then it sounds like a different person.  And the winner is, Winners, as a tie in the anonymous voting occurred.  Jane Gallagher and Pam Miller are tied and both honored with the Shipmate of the Year Award for 2020-2021 Season. 

     Next Vice-Captain Lois Steketee presented the clubs “Thank You” gift to Captain Marge.  Captain Marge’s gift is a hand-made quilted runner reflecting the programs and events Captain Marge created and led this season.  Lois planned the quilt months ago and Jill Joos made it.

      The change of watch party concludes with the Change of Command from Captain Marge Whiteman to Captain Pam Miller.  Congratulations to ALL! 

Perfect Attendance: Jill, Anne, Jane

Recognizing our Rookie Sailors. Present were the Sandys: Sandy Vaughan and Sandy Kastorff!

Fleet B Winners: 1st Place Marge, 2nd Place Cathy Hill (not present), 3rd Place Anne

Fleet A Winners (right to left): 1st Place Ann, 2nd Place Janet, 3rd Place Jill.

Captain Marge expresses "Thank you" to her Board, both Elected and Appointed, and others, with small gifts.

A big "Thank you" to the "Bear Ends", Anchor Members on the water in Beth's boat for Safety and a Helper boat.

Captain Pam opens her gift!

Shipmate of the Year Award goes to a tie for both Pam and Jane.

Shipmate of Year Winners Jane and Pam holding their Crystal Engraved Award Plaques.

Captain Marge is Honored with a handmade quilt runner symbolizing her season as Captain. Idea was Vice-Captain Lois' and Jill beautifully created it.

Introducing our new Captain, Past Captain, Pam!


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