VYBA Learn to Sail with Bitter Ends Support - 02/2021         

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Graduates (Sandy V, Abby, Mary, Sandy K, Christine)
with instructors, Henry (back left) and Chris (back right).

VYBA Instructors Henry and Chris
A busy and fun week for the VYBA/VWSS Learn to Sail class. We had beautiful weather, great coaching by Henry and Chris, land and muscle support by the Bitter Ends and a great group of students resulting in 5 graduates.  Thank you to Miriam Staveley and Englewood Sailing Association for loaning us four Sunfish for the week.
Report by Captain Marge Whiteman!

Note, the graduation gifts, included a Certificate (Captain Marge), Sunfish earnings (Tina), and a photo of each gal in their boat sailing (Nancy). Also instructors Henry and Chris received Sunfish key chains (Tina).

for organizing and coordinating with VYBA, ESA, and Bitter Ends to bring everything together!

Captain Marge explains membership in Bitter Ends to the Graduates!

Every day Bitter Ends Rigged and Hauled Around Students' Boats!
Dockmaster Jill Joos, Secretary Jane Gallagher, Treasurer Anne Carroll
and Captain Marge Whiteman (above)!

LTS Photos by Nancy Marik, Marge Whiteman, and Sherri Jones

Our the students and their first look at a Sunfish up close!

VYBA Instructor Henry taught class outdoors socially distancing.

Dockmaster Jill launches each student, giving final instructors and reassurances!

New Salt Christine Holmes

New Salt Sandy Kastorff

New Salt Sandy Vaugh

Henry directing drills.

Dockmaster Jill, watching and waiting to catch students returning to the dock.

Now off the water after their 1st sail, students share their experience.

Day 2 of class practices.

Students practice!

Towing out and back saved time in the lighter wind days.

By the last day of class students were really showing some joy and control on the water! Now sailors!


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