2020-2021 GET UNDERWAY Meeting - August 26th at Higel Park

    Captain Marge Whiteman enthusiastically led the August 26, 2020 "Get Underway" Meeting.  In honor of National Day celebrating when Women finally got the right to vote, Marge gave a brief interesting history of the struggle.   Highlights of the meeting included the presentation by PC Anne Chotkowski of the 2019-2020 Shipmate of the Year Award to Jill Joos.  A very surprised and moved Jill tearfully accepted the award and gifts of an Engraved Crystal, sailboat print, and a special members gift in support of Jill, who has persevered through a difficult year.  
    Treasurer's Report was given by Ann Carroll and a VYBA update by its director Kelley Severns.  Vice Captain Lois Steketee urged members to post our Sunfish Open House Flyer on other internet sites they may be part of and hard copies are available.   Interclub report by Pam Miller included a preview of our Home Interclub Prizes, bags made by Jill and Sunfish earrings made by Tina Hasse's husband, Ed.
    Recognizing the many summer Birthdays Ann Carroll made sure we had kazoos to kazoo out the Happy Birthday Song.  Two present at the meeting were Penny Washburn, 8/22, and Judy Collins, 8/27.  We brought cards for Judy being her 80th milestone Birthday!

Captain Marge enthusiastically leads BE "Get Underway Meeting". Starting with a history on the stuggle for women to get the right to vote.

PC Captain Anne presents Jill with her Shipmate of the Year Award for 2019-2020 Season.

Smiling Jill holds her Shipmate Award, Engraved Crystal.

Jill also recieved a nice sailing print.

Members gave Jill a gift in support, recognizing her perseverance through a difficult year!

Members gift to Jill is a beautiful Wind Chime dedicated to the memory of Jill's daughter-in-law!

Many anchor members wear masks.

Vice Captain Lois Steketee and Treasuer Ann Carroll

Although many are still out of town, attendance was made up of a good showing of both active and anchor members.

Treasurer's Report by Ann Carroll

An update on VYBA by director Kelley Severns

Vice Captain Lois Steketee urges members to epost and post with hard copies our Oct. 14, Sunfish Open House Flyer where ever thay can.

Orginal design by Shirley Geoffrion for our cancelled spring event. Nancy Marik updated it for the upcoming Oct. 14th Open House.

Pam Miller is doing Interclubs this year. They are being scheduled but subject to change.

Pam shows off prizes for our Home Interclub, hand made bags by Jill and Sunfish earings made by Tina's husband.

Ann leads the group in a Kazoo Happy Summer Birthdays Song. Featuring Birthdays at left Penny's on 8/22 and Judy's 8/27 (80th)!

In BE style (can't have a meeting without goodies to eat) light refreshments were provided by Pam and ?


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