Bitter Ends completes it's Summer Activities on August 12, 2020 with Beach Day hosted by Pam Miller. Pam went out of her way to create fun and social distancing Beach Day Activities and lunch areas at the pavilions at Service Club Beach Park . Eleven Bitter Ends came out to swim and bake in the sun. Multiple colorful beach umbrellas did shade us. A Beach Trivia Contest was held by hostess Pam with top winners Ann Carroll and Captain Marge Whiteman. The water was just right and proved to be relaxing for most. Hostess Pam had beach paddle board and sand castle molds which captivated Ann while many chilled in the water or on the beach. Our bag lunches were enjoyed while sitting at one of two social distancing decorated Bitter Ends nautical theme pavilion tables with beachy centerpieces. Hostess Pam topped all by serving home baked chocolate oatmeal cookies! Thank you, Pam for a Special Day!!

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