A Bitter Ends "Thank you!" to Beth Anderson for leading two Myakka River Kayak trips this week. The first trip on Tuesday with Sherri and Lois. The second trip on Thursday with Marge, Ann, Nancy, and Tom (Janet's friend and B.E. helper).  Both trips took the same route from Border Road north to Laura Road and back taking about 2 hours and had similar experiences. This post covers the Thursday trip where we/some saw two turtles, a hawk, gators and gator run in with Marge's kayak while she was in it.  No injuries, just a big scare. Fun on the way back included grabbing the rope swing, the rope swing tree climb challenge (started with Pam on our hike through the adjacent Sleeping Turtles park on July 15th), and posing in the sandbar lounge chair. Meeting at 8 am proved a good plan as the rain came later in the afternoon and the mostly cloudy skies kept it cooler for our paddle. Thank you again for Beth's continued Kayak trips!!

Our River Guide, Beth Anderson!

Beth took the one looking back at her group!


Marge, Beth, Ann

Beth took this one of Nancy who peddled and paddled! No sail on this trip! Thanks, Beth for the photo.

Marge in action!

The Laura Road Park turnaround with restrooms and kayak launcher dock.

The good life!

B.E.s, ever the hams! Cheers!

Ann has a slight predicament getting back in her Kayak.

Captain Marge Whiteman enjoying the summer! Does it get any better than this?

Janet, it was Tom's idea!

There are many fallen trees in the river, many still growing. Beth goes through this tunneled one.

Saw these turtles sunning themselves on the return trip when the sun came out for a short while!

The now famous "Rope Swing"!

Beth gets about as far as Pam did. Maybe a little farther on the climb!

Marge gets her turn.

Of course, Tom out did our gals by reaching the top!

Getting back out. This time Ann stayed dry!


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