SUMMER ACTIVITIES 2020 - BIKING July 08, 2020          

    Bitter Ends continues with fun and healthy summer activities on July 8, 2020 with biking hosted by Pam Miller and her friend Helper Brian.   Pam gave us three options:  bike, walk, or drive.  Starting at the East end of Centennial Park, we had 7 bikers, 4 walkers, and 2 arrive by car to our South Jetty destination.    Bikers had the longest adventure heading over to the Waterway Trail along the ICW down to Caspersen Beach Park and back up town to the South Jetty.   Riders kept up a good pace and had a short water break at the turn around at end of the Waterway Trail.  Last leg of ride was through the neighborhoods getting some shade.  At the South Jetty, walkers arrived before the riders and half left early due to the heat.  Judy Collins and Lynn Paul arrived by car.  Pam's helper Brian had arrived and put out tasty treats for us.  At Pam's expense treats included grapes, ice tea, and large sweet croissants.
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Our Hostess, Pam Miller, with friend and helper Brian

7 Bikers: Pam, Ann, Nancy Sara, Jill, Marge, and Lois!

4 Walkers: Sherry, Dianne, Penny, and Sherri!

The "elbow" shake!

Sherry in green and Sherri in blue!

Bikers get a water break time along the ICW.

Refreshments at the South Jetty courtesy of our Hostess Pam!

Long time no see, Anchor member Lynn Paul

Kim and Brain meet us at the South Jetty.


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