SUMMER ACTIVITIES 2020 - PRINT MAKING June 17, 2020          

Bitter Ends Summer Activities continue on June 17, 2020 with Printmaking by Anne Chotkowski hosted at Lois Steketee's home with lunch at Angelo's afterwards.

L to R, Penny, Sara, new Captain Marge, our instructor, Past Captain, & artist Anne, Sherri, Dianne, Nancy, Lois, Nancy, Ann

In Anne's words "Our printing project was fun and successful. Participants made leaf prints, veins were paramount, foam tray prints whose white lines described their subject, and plastic bag prints, which were unique unto themselves. The sailors were introduced to the history of printmaking in a short introduction and were encouraged to sign and number their prints if they printed an edition."


Past Captain and artist Anne Chotkowski lead our class.

Lois hosted us at her home.

Showing sample form boards Anne made.

Sara excelled in foam board designs having etched these shark's teeth as well as two shell arrangements and the sailboat at the collage center.

Drying out! Note some were treated with added bird art.

Bag printing, most creative and tricky, as we rolled, dabbed, & layered paint on to plastic bags & then laid down our paper to create intriguing works

Collage of our collective works!

Dianne spreads her love around with this work.

Muldoon also craved her potato fish.

Ann keeps us guessing!

More of Sara's beautiful form boards and very nice leaf painting.

Captain Marge has original bird work at right.

Dianne was very prolific.

Penny enjoyed the foam boards.

Sherri's note cards were done with potato cravings she did as well as the foam board.

Lois really enjoyed making usable note cards using the leaf painting method.

Anne demos the methods creating her own special works.

Nancy tried all the suggested methods except the potato and took pictures.

Thank you, Sherri! Who washed most of our reusable supplies, brushes, plexiglass paint trays, water containers, etc.

LUNCH outside at Angelo's!

Left around the circle: Ann, Nancy, Nancy, Captain Marge, Lois and Anne, our art teacher.


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