SUMMER ACTIVITIES 2020 - KAYAK June 10, 2020          

Bitter Ends Summer Activities begin June 10, 2020 with a Kayak paddle hosted by Beth Anderson. Nancy Marik did not kayak this time but was on hand to take a few launch shots and catch up with them at lunch. Thank you to Beth, Pam and Marge for the water pictures. Beth summarizes the event as follows:

Ten Bitter Ends were part of today’s group of 15 who kayaked from Blackburn Point Road to South Creek and Oscar Scherer State Park.

Paddling down the Casey Key shoreline we admired the beautiful homes, landscaping, boat houses, mangroves and manatees. We crossed back over the Intracoastal Waterway at marker 27 and traveled about 1.5 miles up South Creek. Within the state park, eight of us continued to the canoe launch area. There was still navigable water ahead of us but it was time to turn around, regroup with the other seven, and make it to Casey Key Fish House for lunch.

BE: Beth, Pam, Captain Marge, Jerri, Ann, Lois (Steketee), Sherri, Jennifer, Wendy and Carol plus Brian Acampa and Bill Kessler.



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