2017-2018 End of Season Awards and Honors Party, held June 6th 2018 at the Bath Club in Nokomis, FL

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Above Spring Race Series Winners!
Front row: Jill Joos, Anne Chotkowski, back row: Janet Molen, Ann Carroll, Pam Miller, Mary Ann Weneck, Carolyn Holmes, Gloria Casey
Above left Shipmate Award earned by Marge Whiteman
Above right at left Rookie Sailor Award earned by Mary Ann Weneck, last/first year's winner Susan St. John at right

Perfect Attendance: Ann Carroll, Nancy Marik, Pam Miller, Anne Chotkowski

Capsizes (high wind days evidenced by 8 capsizes!):

Susan St. John, Janet Molen, Jane Gallagher, Anne Chotkowski,
Beth Anderson*, Shirley Geoffrion* Cindy Grant*, Tina Haase*
*Absent from party/photo

New Associate Member name/position Our Anchors Captain Gloria Casey outfitted for her new role!

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Thank you Penny for Hosting us at the Bath Club!

Pledge of Allegiance in honor of D-Day anniversary

Tresaurer Anne Chotkowski gives her report

Jane Gallagher takes notes as the new Secretary

Interclub Chair Janet Molen names and gives a small gift to this years Interclub participants who all helped Bitter Ends win the FWSA Spirit Awards!

Captain Pam Miller starts the Spring Race Awards presentation.

IOD Flight A Winners: 1st Caroyln Homes, 2nd Gloria Casey, 3rd Claire MacFayden (up north)

Sunfish Flight B Winners: 1st Jill Joos, 2ns Anne Chotkowski, 3rd Tina Hasse (up north)

Sunfish Flight B Winners pouting over news they will move up to Flight A next season

Sunfish Flight A Winners: 1st Pam Miller, 2nd Ann Carroll, 3rd Janet Molen

Bitter End Judy Collins has spearheaded effort to Honor the Associate Members. New Name our Anchors.

Anchor Tote bags are given to excited Associate Members, many of whom help out on the RC Boats!

Last years Rookie of the Year winner Susan St. John enthusiastically talks about sailing and is thankful for this award last year.

2018's Rookie of the year award goes to Mary Ann Weneck

Captain Pam gives out many thank yous, earlier to our husband/boyfriend helpers and today her board, RC Staff, and special helpers!

Early Thank you to our husband/boyfriends, Kim Whiteman, Steve St. John, Tom , and Ed Haase (up north).

Early thank you to Judy Karr, Boatmaster and LTS time with rookies.

Shipmate Award was presented to Marge Whiteman early as she is on a Sailing Vacation today

Sunfishers give thank you gifts to our Rep on the board.

Captain Pam's last act, transfer the Captain's equipment to new Captain Gloria Casey. The Whistle, Signs, Can Opener, Book & an updated pink Cap.

New Captain Gloria presents outgoing Captain Pam with crystal engraved plaque with photo insert showing our Rainbow group and Pam racing this year!

Our serious but sincere group race winners photo!


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