Bitter Ends Annual "Women at the Helm" Fall Regatta, Nov. 15, 2017

 Story by Captain Pam Miller

Land pictures below! by Historian Nancy Marik.

What a great day for our Fall Regatta.  The temps were ideal, winds maybe a little higher than some preferred but as predicted the winds died off around 10:30 which made for ideal racing in the 2nd and 3rd race. 

Course A got in 3 Windward-Leeward races with a great course set by the Starboard Studs of Marty Pippitt, Kim Whiteman and Steve St. John.  We had two capsizes during the day (Anne Chotkowski and Beth Anderson) but both sailors quickly righted their boats and finished the race.  The lead of who might be the Sunfish regatta winner changed after each race and our very own Grand Master Shirley Geoffrion won the day with a low score of 6 (2nd, 3rd and 1st place finish).  Ann Carroll came in 2nd place with a score of 7 and Beth Anderson, despite her capsize, came in 3rd with a score of 9.

The Course B committee boat was managed by the able team of Carol Miller, Judy Clements and Sylvia Turner.  On their Modified Olympic course they completed one race and then decided to call it a day when some of the sailors felt overwhelmed by the wind.  Some of the sailors stayed out a little longer for pleasure sailing since they were comfortable with the winds.  The Pram winner was Judy Collins with Carolyn Holmes coming in a close 2nd, something about getting hung up on a marker.  In the Opti fleet, the BIG winner was Vice Captain Gloria Casey, with Penny Washburn in 2nd and Miriam Staveley in 3rd.

Judy Karr and the New Salts had a lesson plan and then worked on reviewing rigging for an IOD.  The New Salts were very helpful when the Course B boats returned getting the boats pulled out of the water, washed and re-hung.  Kudos to the New Salts for helping with this process since I know they would have loved to been out on the water since today's winds weren't as high as what they sailed in during Learn To Sail week.

Many thanks to Sara Evans and Andrea, Cindy Grant's daughter, who helped the Sunfish fleet launch all 12 boats and, more importantly, helped us take the boats out of the water with the strong NE wind pushing the boats onto shore.

A HUGE thank you to Stefanie Dooley's boyfriend, David Hill, who supplied a spectator boat that had our Publicity Chair, Sherri Jones, snapping photos of everyone as they headed out through Higel Park and then took photos as we raced.  Wendy Murray, Sara Evans and Andrea enjoyed watching us compete -- Wendy was quite impressed with the hiking abilities of the Sunfishers and thought it looked like a thrill -- which it is!

A delicious lunch was enjoyed at the Crow's Nest by the sailors and Jan Hughes, our past Treasurer and now Associate Member, who finally had a free day to come socialize with the group.

Thanks to all who came out and made this a special day, especially those who came down early to the Pram Shed for our photo shoot.



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