Bitter Ends Fall Interclub, Nov. 1, 2017, IOD Photos!

Home Interclub, 11-01-2017,  IOD competitors shared a race course with Sunfish.  Photos by Sherri Jones taken from spectator boat provided/crewed by husbands Kim Whiteman and Bill Chotkowski.  WINNERS at right!  Enjoy    See Sunfish. 

1st Place:  Joanne Simmons  -- Sail# 9123

2nd Place:  Gail Poffenberger  - Sail# 19068

3rd Place:  PJ Summerville – Sail# 9135

Jennifer Holmberg  - Sai;l#19192

Carolyn Holmes  - Sail# 19175

Katie Rodgers  - Sail# 671

Miriam Staveley  -  Sail# 7987

Susan St. John  - Sail# 22 -  Not competing in Interclub



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