August 07, 2014, South Florida Florida Museum hosted by Penny Washburn

    Taking a break from the water Penny Washburn hosted this interesting outing to the South Florida Museum in Bradenton.  Our  group included some in and out of town guests and totaled 23.  A museum docent gave us an excellent tour starting with a visit with Snooty the manatee and his short stay companion manatees rescued from the cold last winter. Next stop outer space in their newly remodeled Bishop Planetarium.  Then a general tour through the many, many interesting exhibit areas.  Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the nearby restaurant Pier 22 overlooking the Manatee River.


Snooty is hand feed because that's how he's been feed all his 66 years of life, ALL in captivity!

Other rescued baby manatees (i.e. under 800 pounds) find their food in the water or at the tank bottom in PVC pipes to mimic wild settings.

A creative artistic display with the manatee sculpture and dolphin mural

This Meteorite is REAL and most of us touched it!

This is also REAL and found in the Manatee River, rest of skeleton is in Ganiesville

Our docent had us pose in fright of what was about to eat us!

Lovely ladies Ann Carroll and Carol Crane!

Lunch at Pier 22 overlooking the Manatee River.

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