August 06, 2014, Kayak Stump Pass hosted by Brenda Bell

Plan: Paddeling only one mile to the Gulf to the South at Stump Pass departing from Stump Pass Beach State Park. Very clear water in the area and it is somewhat protected from wind. Then one mile back to the park then paddling past the park one mile to the restaurant. Since we will be damp we can sit outside on the waterfront. After eating we can paddle back to the park. That's a day! "Exceptional!"
Follow up: Ahoy! We enjoyed perfect conditions, very hot but not too noticeable because we were so near the cooler water. There were many agendas so those who didn't have appointments or plans managed to extend the day till 3 p.m. Some kayaked all the way over to the restaurant (and back to the Stump Pass Park). Some took out early and went by car to the restaurant. We had rentals to be picked up. The best day on the water (since the last day on the water!!). Our only dark spot was that Jill Engel was overcome with heat and sun. She missed lunch and Helen drove her to air conditioning. We loved having her kayak with us but it was hard on her body. Quite honestly, I didn't expect the current to "take over" and push against us so ferociously. It was a harder than expected paddle, but STILL FUN Happy Summer, Brenda  

Nature Pictures of the Stump Pass Area by Judy Karr

At left quite a few come to lunch at Flounders Restaurant.  Five kayak all the way:  Beth Anderson, Yacht Club guest Frank, Susan Juranek, Nancy Marik and her guest Lisa Marcotte.
Great turnout for this event.  Our ladies only group photo - Non Bitter Ends include guests and Venice Yacht Club gals.

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