July 16, 2014, Kayak from Blackburn Pt. or Spanish Pointe Pub hosted by Beth Anderson

We did it! Rain, what rain? Wind, oh yes, wind. Several of your Bitter Ends sisters kayaked this morning on Little Sarasota Bay. None of us went the distance to Palmer Point because of the forecast thunderstorms and visible rain clouds, but we toured the eastern shore of the bay from Blackburn Point Road north to Historic Spanish Point, where we rendezvoused with some who had launched from Spanish Pointe Restaurant & Pub. On the water today with me: Penny, Pam, Carole B and her daughter, Susan Colunio and her friend, Nancy Marik and her friend, and Miriam, Carol M, and the Carrolls--Ann and Sue. Paddling along with us were eight VYC kayakers. Kudos to Silent Sports for delivering three kayaks to Blackburn Point and then being flexible enough to pick up the kayaks at Spanish Pointe Pub due to strong winds. Only Pam and my friend Neill paddled all the way back to Blackburn. The rest of us stopped at Spanish Pointe, where Dianne H met us by car, and we lunched and chose not to take on the whitecaps that developed on the bay at midday. Those who had launched there had cars to give us a ride back to Blackburn to pick up our cars. Thank you thank you! In the morning, when we decided Palmer Point was too far to go under a threatening sky, we chose a closer destination: The Bay Preserve. On the eastern bay shore just south of Historic Spanish Point, this is a nature preserve open to the public. We beached our kayaks right next to the Sarasota Scullers Rowing club's docks and checked out the grounds. See http://www.conservationfoundation.com/land-protection/bay-preserve/ for more info. Photo is from their website. Nancy Marik was snapping photos to post on bitterendsvenice.com and for Pam to submit to the Gondolier. When you see these photos, you'll see some brave hearts!   Report by Beth Anderson

Spanish Pointe Pub from the water.

Our hostess Beth Anderson, center.

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