July 10, 2014, Sunfish Sail in the Gulf

Three sunfish owners (Beth Anderson, Nancy Marik and Pam Miller) and one Hobie Kayak/Sail owner (Brenda Bell) sailed out into the Gulf.  Winds were very light making the trip out challenging. Bob Bethke, Beth's husband, was our very gracious safety boat operator on Lil Bear and he escorted some of us part of the way.  He first towed Nancy to Snake Island but she insisted she was going to sail out the jetty as part of the experience.  Beth and I were fearful we would never make it out in the light winds so we definitely decided to take a tow from right before Snake Island all the way to the Gulf.  Brenda sailed and pedaled a lot to get out the jetty.  Once on the Gulf the waters were beautiful and the winds were sufficient to get in nice sailing for all of us. The only setback was a storm that was brewing to the South and East of us. We listened to the rolling thunder and watched the lightening, all the while telling ourselves it was moving away from us. Brenda left us early since she was going to play bridge in the afternoon. After about a half hour of sailing in the Gulf our prudent safety operator said it was time to head back. I was lucky and found some good winds for sailing in and was escorted by a manatee off my bow -- a real treat to watch. Beth accepted a tow around Snake Island and Nancy had to do lots of paddling. Despite the light winds, hot temps, and looming storm, we all had a wonderful time and agreed we need to do this again in the Fall when more of the Sunfish crowd is in town so we can all enjoy the Gulf.   Thank you Bob Bethke for taking all of these pictures.  Report by Pam Miller

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