July 2, 2014, Big Boat Sail Hosted by Jean & Stan Ozimek, and Nancy & Don Marik

Big Boat Sail with the Ozimek's catamaran "Sea Angel" and Marik's sloop "Selah", each boat took out gals on two cruises, at 10 am and 1 pm, with bring your own bag lunches at Higel Park inbetween.
Follow Up! Wow! Thank you everyone who participated.  Some gals even sailed on both boats.  The scoop is as follows: in the morning we had light winds and for the afternoon sail the winds picked up with gusts up to 20 kts (about 23 mph) as recorded at the Venice Fishing Pier.  Thanks again everybody!  See comments from our respective boats below.  Nancy Marik

"On Selah we had a pleasant morning sail, although light winds we kept moving and several gals took the helm and helped with lines and raising sails.  The afternoon was wild to say the least.  We put out the Jib first to find the wind overpowering when we tried to go into the wind to raise the main.  A wild few minutes followed while we raised the reefed main and brought in the Jib.  We were thrilled to have wind, but thunder and darkening skies chased us in early.  One causality, Judy Collins' hat blew off her head as she and Nancy sat at the helm.  And we thank Ann Carroll for all her help."  Nancy & Don Marik

"What a pleasant day on the water with all the Bitter Ends who joined us for our Big Boat Sail away. The morning cruise was a lovely gentle sail on beautiful blue waters of the gulf. Hats off to the afternoon cruise--These gals had a real romp. Our speed over ground was 10.2Kn at one point."
Jean and Stan Ozimek

In "Selah's" cockpit Lisa Meacock at the helm. At left is Linda Millette and Carol Crane at the right.

l-r: Jill Engle, Vera Taborsky, Linda Millette and Lisa Meacock on "Selah's" starboard

r-l: Eve Hill, Nancy Bradtmiller, Carol Crane, and Lisa on port side on "Selah"

Captain Don Marik and Pam Miller at "Selah's" bow during the light winds

Linda Sheppard-Millette at the helm on "Selah"

Morning group who sailed on "Selah" with Nancy and Don Marik.

Captain Stan Ozimek at the helm of his catamaran "Sea Angel"

On "Sea Angel" far left Penny Washburn, Wendy Murray, Wendy's friend Sonia, and Susan Juranek

Brenda Bell and Helen Gokbudak on "Sea Angel"

Helen Gokbudak, Wendy Murray and friend Sonia on "Sea Angel"

Susan Juranek and Brenda Bellon "Sea Angel"

Bag lunches at Higel Park in between cruises.

At right l-r Eve Hill and Nancy Bradtmiller

Jean Ozimek

Ann Carroll and Sue Carroll

Between cruises, Jean and Stan Ozimek stand next to their catamaran "Sea Angel".

"Sea Angel" under sail during the second cruise.

Carol Crane, Linda Millette, Susan Colunio, Pam Miller on "Sea Angel"

Judy Clements, Mardi Skoegard, Carole Boardman on "Sea Angel"

On "Sea Angel" Captain Stan Ozimek and Mike Clements

On "Selah" strong winds make steering a challenge for Nancy Marik, and Judy Collins, left, gets windblown as she loses her hat.

A simling Sue Carroll on "Selah"

Nancy Muldoon ready for anything on "Selah"

Helen Gokbudak and Judy Collins on "Selah"

Ann Carroll doing a selfie on"Selah"

Captain Don Marik of "Selah".

At their dock are Nancy & Don Marik,right, with their 2nd cruise guests,l-r Judy Collins, Helen Gokbudak, Ann Carroll, Sue Carroll, and Nancy Muldoon.

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