June 25, 2014, Kayak Blackburn Point to Midnight Pass Hosted by Helen Gokbudak

Ahoy Mates,  Today was a Kool Kayaking Day with partly sunny weather and a beautiful breeze that helped push us along.  The nineteen Paddling Bitter Ends enjoyed lunch at the Casey Key Fish House, we were also joined by Jill and Elin.    Photos were snapped (by Nancy Marik and Carolyn Holmes) and am sure will be in the Gondolier soon, thanks to Nancy and Pam.  These Summer Wednesday Activities are Fun !!  Thanks again to all who came out.  Helen Gokbudak

                      Kayak Group at Casey Key Fish House


Sara Evans and Pan Miller, background.

Pam Miller

Carol Crane and Karen Williams

Sharing the Beach!

Captain Caroyln and Steve meet us near the Pass.

Enjoying the Beach on the Gulf side

Karen Williams

Beth Anderson (right) and Pam Miller (left)

Sara Evans

Our activity Hostess, Helen Gokbudak

Helen Gokbudak

Carol Miller, Miriam Staveley, Jean Ozimek (green kayak)

Carol Miller

Jean Ozimek

Linda Sheppard-Millette kayaking for the first time. She reports having really enjoyed it.

Lois Steketee

Nancy Marik in Hobie: Pedal, Paddle and Sail Power!

Sara Evans, Pam Miller and Jane Forbush

Jane Forbush (right) and Pam Miller ) left

Lunch after Kayaking at Casey Key Fish House

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