June 18, 2014, Biking to Manasota Beach hosted by Pam Miller

Subject: What a Great Outing!

Hi all,

I thought everyone might enjoy hearing about today's cycling/swim outing. 

A total of 12 ladies enjoyed biking, some for 10 miles, others for 20, and two riders just had a very shortened version.  The temperature was perfect with low humidity, light winds, lots of shade early on, plus nice cloud cover on the return trip.  Along the route we stopped by Susan J.'s home and admired her beautiful landscaping, all done by her and her husband, and we were able to replenish our water bottles with chilled water that Billy brought out in a cooler. 

We were met at Manasota Beach by Captain Carolyn and her beau, Steve, who had snagged a front-row picnic table with cover.  They brought water, ice, energy bars and candy to revive us.  The gulf temp was a perfect 84 degrees.  The majority of the riders enjoyed cooling off in the gulf and spent lots of time bobbing in the small waves and chatting.  The water was a beautiful Caribbean blue. 

The day ended with a delicious lunch at the new French Artisan Bakery & Cafe on W. Venice Ave. "Croissant & Co."  Jill, Lois and Nancy Muldoon met us for lunch and all agreed the new restaurant was definitely worth a return trip.  Some even took wonderful looking pastries home with them.

Thanks to all who joined in -- I loved being able to share the day with you!

Pam Miller

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