August 1, 2012 - Siesta Key Kayak and Lunch at Turtles Restaurant
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At lunch at Turtles on Siesta Key  This was a nice little paddle/peddle/sail from Turtle Beach boat ramp hosted by Nancy Marik.  As we headed south we saw a very nice looking big sailboat and went by a variety of homes and condos.  Then wilderness as we turned right to go down to Midnight Pass.  Carolyn and Steve went ashore to look at the Gulf.  As we went north again to round the inner tip of the key and headed for Turtles, we met Jean Ozimek on kayak, she wanted to depart from Black Burn Point Road, but didn't get anyone to join her.  She saw a manatee before going back since she could not stay for lunch.  Penny Washburn met us at Turtles Restaurant, around ICW marker "48".  Our return paddle went well and was just the right length in the summer weather.
Nine at lunch at Turtles on the waterfront.  Counterclockwise starting in the center front, Carol Miller, Janet Molen, Miriam Staveley, Carolyn Holmes, Steve Lexow, Penny Washburn, Helen Gokbudak, and Nancy (event hostess) and Don Marik.

        Pictures by Nancy Marik and Steve Lexow!

Coming down Midnight Pass Rd, you arrive at Turtle Beach on the right and Turtles Restaurant on the left.

We had 7 to Kayak, 6 salts (Helen, Carolyn, Carol, Nancy, Miriam, and Janet). Picture taken by our Sunfish RC helper Steve Lexow, who also kayaked.

Midnight Pass! Carolyn and Steve go ashore.

Carol Miller

Helen Gobudak

Jean Ozimek

Janet Molen

Miriam Staveley

Sunfish RC Chairman, Don Marik, sees us off, as we head back to Turtle Beach.

Nancy Marik in her 3-way powered Kayak. Paddle, Peddle, and/or Sail! Turtles Restaurant at right.

Arriving back at the launch area at Turtle Beach.

Carolyn holds the water lever on as we rinse off our sandy gear!


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