August 22, 2012 - Pool Party, byo lunch, Sylvia provides Dessert
(Birthday Chocolate Cake with Chocolate covered Strawberries)
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Sylvia Turner, Our Hostess! Sylvia Turner was the hostess for this event.  Twenty some Bitter Ends made it to Sylvia's for a delightful pool party, bring your lunch and very decadent, delicious dessert made by Sylvia.   The dessert was Chocolate covered Chocolate Birthday cake, in honor of Birthday salts Penny Washburn and Judy Collins, complete with Birthday candles and trimmed with home-made dark chocolate covered strawberries.  To top it all off it was served with vanilla ice cream.  There was a little business discussed as there is a named, "Isaac", storm on the way to visit Florida and we have a job to help out with an upcoming Triathlon.

        Pictures by Nancy Marik!


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