August 8, 2012 - The Herbal Home Medicine Chest Presented by Our Bitter Ends
Judy Clements, Clinical Herbalist and former member, American Herbalist Guild.
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Judy Clements starts her talk on Herbs!  Judy Clements was our hostess and presenter for this event.  After delicious muffins, fruit and coffee, Judy presented a very interesting talk on "The Herbal Home Medicine Chest".  It was well attended with 18 Bitter Ends plus a few friends.  Judy's talk was a hands-on experience as we tasted Apple Cider Vinegar and Licorice Tincture, rubbed Arnica oil on our bruises and Hypericum oil on our wounds.  The burning of a small bit if White Sage is know for its purifying effects.  Which we enjoyed as Judy burned a few leaves of White Sage and we were surrounded by the aroma of its purifying effects.  We learned about the effects of Passionflower and discovered Rescue Remedy.  Indeed we were a captive audience receiving a treasure trove of tips and advice.  Judy and her husband Pharmacist Mike answered our many questions.  All went away wiser, more thoughtful of our health, and with a small bag of sage from Judy.
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                            Pictures by Nancy Marik, Carolyn Holmes and Vera Taborsky!
Learn more:   www.allherb.com  - herbal info
www.ars-grin.gov  - database for uses of herbs by Jim Duke   
igm.nlm.nih.gov  - National Library of Medicine - world's largest
                          medical database - free to search anytime
Pet Information: American Holistic Veterinary Assoc. Publishes a journal about alternative healing for animals
Ordering Herb Plants and Seeds and Growing Tips,  Seeds of Change.
HERBAL REMEDIES for DUMMIES by Christopher Hobbs ( 4th generation herbalist and teacher)

Kathryn, at left Judy Karr's friend, is going to be a Learn To Sail student. She is holding a Passionflower.

Eve Hill is sniffing a bit of White Sage.

Background left Nancy Marik and foreground Carolyn Holmes snap candid photos. Vera photographs the Photographers.


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