June 20, 2012 - Biking from Train Station along Waterway Park
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Click for larger image!     Hosted by Pam Miller, we all had a great ride followed by breakfast treats at "The Upper Crust". Departing from the train station a little after 8 AM.
We headed first for Shamrock Park along the Waterway Trail. After a pip stop at Shamrock, back to the the Circus Bridge. On the way Pam spotted a Bald Eagle high in a tree, see pictures below. We crossed the Circus Bridge over to the Island and pedaled down to Casperson Park, then on to Maxine Barrett Park where Jill joined us.  Then on across the Island via back streets and we arrived downtown at "The Upper Crust".  Scones, quiche and omelets satisfied our appetites.
Final leg back to the train station or directly home for some.  About 15 miles all total!
10 Bike the Waterway Trail, departing from the Venice Train Station left to right are:
Pam,  Wendy, Beth, Janet, Miriam, Helen, Nancy Ma, Lisa, Penny and Carol C.

        Pictures by Nancy Marik and Beth Anderson!




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