Minutes of Meeting and Sail, Halloween, Oct 21, 2012


We rigged the Pirate ships for a sail to Snake Island @ 8:30 AM.  Everyone looked great in their Pirate finery and Halloween costumes.  The costume contest judges picked Nancy Marik for 1st place for her black cat costume and realistic "meow".  Gloria Casey took 2nd place for her "sunken chest" interpretive costume and Carol Crane won 3rd place for her Pirate costume and bad dental work.  There were some other wonderful costumes....see website for the pictures and pictures of the capture of Snake Island when Nancy Marik gets them up.

We held a brief meeting before the capture of Snake Island.  First topic was a discussion of tactics to sail to and capture the Island.  Beth Anderson planned a really fun time for everyone. Thanks so much Beth!  Also Bob, her husband was integral to the success of the mission....he brought us treats and Barbara Murphy helped too.  Also, thanks to Peter Eduardo for running the  other boat and making sure we didn't get too dastardly.  He also helped us old pirates get back in the water after a fun picnic lunch.

Back to the 1st meeting:  Miriam Staveley wrapped up the Rev 3 triathlon business and read a letter of appreciation from the organizers and an invitation to help the next time.  She also told us that they will send us a check for $495.00.  This is the amount of $ for 33 volunteers (thank you all!) at 15$/each. 

Ann Carroll talked about next weeks interclub sail.  We have 3 guests coming to race.  If you want to go to the award luncheon at the Venice Yacht Club Tike Bar, please bring cash next week to be collected before we go to the VYC.  This Saturday is the Commodore Lucas regatta in Passe A Grille and approximately 8 Bitter Ends are going.  It is really fun there and the team would love to have you there cheering for them.  Meet at the Publix at Laurel Road.  Time to be announced later.

Helen Gokbudak will be filling in for Captain Mardi Skoegard next week.   Judy Collins told us that her Granddaughter received her Gold Award. (remember the bra  recycling last year?)  Congratulations to Katie!  Pam Miller suggested that we make a donation to the American Red Cross in the name of the Bitter Ends.  We should donate if we are able to.   We collected for the food bank today.  The meeting closed for a 10 AM sail to capture the Island.

After a successful capture of Snake Island (Oh what fun it was!  Beautiful weather and just enough wind) we returned to port to clean the boats and then we attended  a desert party/meeting.  Thank you Helen Gokbudak for bringing tasty apple cider and sinful cupcakes for this meeting.

At our 2nd meeting we addressed any problems or beefs with the club that our sailors have, so that we can get down to the business of enjoying ourselves.  The meeting was to "clear the air" and to organize a "Long Range Planning Committee".  The committee reps are:  Helen Gokbudak, Miriam Staveley, Lynn Paul, Sara Evans, Lois Stetekee and Shirley Geoffrion.  They will have many challenges to face with the aging of the wooden prams and their leaky conditions.  We have 9 unused wooden prams right now that are costing $1,350 in rack fees and $900 lost rental fees.  We had a general discussion about what to do about this situation and Helen Gokbudak made a motion to work on 1 boat at a time to fix the hulls on Mondays.  Janet Molen 2nd this.  This motion was approved.  Many people said they would volunteer to help.  Captain Mardi would like all sailors, including Sunfish and IODs to be involved. 

 There was a motion made by Ann Carroll to sell the 3 worst wooden prams in our fleet.  This was seconded by Nancy Marik.  This motion passed.  The money will be used for supplies to repair the remaining wooden prams.     There was also a plea for money to fix the club's Sunfish dollies.  The club won't be buying an IOD this season.

Judy Karr read us the Treasurer's report.  We have $3,614.07 in the treasury. The club had major expenses to VYBA:  $2,000 donation, $3,900 in rack fees inside and $1,350 in rack fees for outside.  We will have $ coming in from Rev 3.  We owe under $50 to Nancy Marik for Learn to Sail supplies.  We owe US Sailing organization around $100.  There are no major events planned right now that will cost us any cash.

The general comments were that we needed to be less competitive and have more unity.  We made a start today, with the Pirate Sail, as all classes sailed together.  There was talk of making this a regular event.  We also talked about letting Carol Miller do her job as the DockMaster and to let Wendy do her washing job.  Please take your cues from these two ladies when using the dock and especially when cleaning the boats.  Ann Carroll will bring in her boat last so it doesn't get injured.  There was great support for the importance of our wooden pram class.  There was talk about how much it costs to renovate the wooden prams.....some private owners have tried and paid in the thousands.  We also talked about possibly getting a few new sailors later in the season, as we get the boats repaired.  We would probably be targeting the women that live in Venice part time and already know something about sailing.  We seemed to agree that we wanted to enjoy our sailing experience and have fun!

Respectfully submitted,  Carolyn Holmes, MSD  Secretary