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***** Season 2014 - 2015 *****  

Click for Spring Awards Party held Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at the Bath Club in Nokomis
Race Classes: IOD (I), SUNFISH (S), PRAMS (P), and

Front row, l-r: Carolyn Holmes (I-1), Beth Anderson (S-1), Nancy Muldoon (P-1),
2nd row, l-r: Gloria Casey (I-2), Janet Molen (S-2), Nancy Bradtmiller (P-2),
Far back: Brenda Bell (S-3), Far right: Karen Williams, Shipmate of the Year!
Winners not pictured were Miriam Staveley (I-3) and Jane Forbush (P-3)
Turtle Awards (Capsizes) go to Anne Chotkowski and Janet Molen and the Whale Award (Perfect Attendance) goes to Nancy Marik.

Anne,              Janet,            Nancy


13 Bitter Ends attend and look striking in our new Scarves.
Front left-front right: Claire MacFayden, Ann Carroll, Judy Karr, Penny Washburn, Miriam Staveley, Dianne Henderson, Brenda Bell, Captain Carolyn Holmes, Nancy Muldoon, Beth Anderson, Sylvia Turner, Sue Colunio, Nancy Marik

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May 21, 2015, FWSA Meeting held at Davis Island,
Bitter Ends wins Perpetual Spirit Awards for PRAMS/IOD and SUNFISH.


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Bitter Ends Volunteers and Races in 2015
VYBA Venetian Cup Regatta
Forward to back, left to right:
Beth Anderson, Ann Carroll, Karen Williams, Brenda Bell,
Lisa Zenow, Pam Miller, Nancy Marik, Dianne Henderson

Happy Sailors Nancy, Ann, Beth, Pam,
who brave the 4 foot waves to sail in the Gulf!

2015 RAINBOW REGATTA, April 21, Davis Island    



April 2015 Home Interclub Winners:



1st Chris Kelly, LL;

2nd Lynne Randall, DD;

3rd Lois Steketee, BE, no pictured.


1st Gloria Casey, BE;

2nd Catherine McMally, BC;

3rd Del Palmer, DD


1st PJ Summerville, MM;

2nd Bev Brennan, TI;

3rd Lynn Paul, BE;  

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Pictured left to right:
Lynne Randall, Chris Kelly, Gloria Casey, Catherine McMally, Del Palmer, Lynn Paul, PJ Summerville, Bev Brennan


2015 Winter Race Series Winners!/strong>
Left to right columns IOD, PRAM, New Salts, SUNFISH
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Denis Hill Memorial Regatta held March 18, 2015
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Denis' Widow, Eve Hill (left), presented the Trophies to Winners,
Lynn Paul (next to Eve), PRAM;  
Ann Carroll (middle), IOD;
Janet Molen (right), SUNFISH


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Starting later due to Spring Break worked out well.  Beautiful Sailing Day!
These sailors really got into the "Green Spirit"!


Happy Valentine's Day
for Bitter Ends Sailors.
Still a little cool but a Bright and Beautiful day on the water!

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  Fall Series 2014 Awards

   Holiday Party & Awards Photos!

White Elephant Gifts
"What did everybody get?"


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Home Interclub, November 5th

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Our Competitors representing 4 FWSA Clubs!

Front row: MM Carroll McClain, BE Nancy Muldoon, BE Miriam Staveley, Center BE Interclub Chair Ann Carroll, Back row: MM Julie Sargent, BC Dorothy Connor, WL Janet Schellenberger, WL Dotty Bellefeur, BC Lucille Gray, BE Judy Collins, BE Jan Hughes


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What a
"FUN" Sail Day!
Costumes Winners at right:
Fiercest Wench, Judy Karr (left);
Most Likely to Stay up All Night, Janet Molen (center);
Most Fabulous, Gloria Casey.

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FWSA Championship Regatta Winners

Bitter Ends Ann Carroll and Judy Karr
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        View Photo Slides and Watch LTS 2014 Slide Show!

        Learn to Sail 2014 Graduates:
 Micki Medler, Ann Siddons, Judy Macklin, Lisa Zenow,
     Virginia Herring, Lisa Marcotte, Nina Rossman

Nine Bitter Ends attend FWSA Committee Boat Workshop
hosted by the Bow Chasers of Clearwater
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First Race Day of the Season a wash out
with rain threat, but Reports given and
Boat Christening,
 Dolly Repair and Sunfish Rigging Practice

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FWSA September Meeting, September 16, 2014


PRAM Shed Clean up!
Dolly Assembly!
Barnacle Scraping!
Boat denaming!

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Boat and Sunfish Sailor Testing


Bitter Ends hold kickoff meeting

on August 27, 2014 at Sylvia Turner’s home.

Captain Carolyn Holmes

introduces our leadership

board for the 2014-2015 year. 

Captain Carolyn Holmes, center
L-r, Karen Williams, Pam Miller, Judy Collins, Brenda Bell,
Ann Carroll, Judy Karr, Dianne Henderson, and Miriam Staveley


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ALS ICE Bucket Challenge

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