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***** Season 2012 - 2013 *****
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The 2013 Spring Race Series Winners!

  PRAMS 2nd Flight PRAMS 1st Flight IODs SUNFISH
1st, front row  Nancy B  Wendy Ann Janet
2nd, 2nd row Helen  Miriam    Judy Lois
3rd, 3rd row Claire  n/a Carolyn Pam

Shipmate Award:  Carol Crane

Attendance Award, participated in every race:  Wendy Murray, Miriam Staveley, Ann Carroll, Carolyn Holmes, Judy Karr, Pam Miller, Beth Anderson.

Turtle Award:  Janet Molen, Pam Miller, Lois Steketee

Mermaid (new wet) Award:  Carolyn Holmes

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SUNFISH End of Season Sail, Photos by Pam Miller,

Sailing Day Photos of PRAMS,  IODs and Sunfish,  Photos by Judy Karr

Slideshows by Nancy Marik                 View/Save Still Photos!

May 16th, FWSA Spring Meeting,
Hosted by Salty Sisters at St. Pete Yacht Club

  • Celebration of FWSA 40th Anniversary
  • Bitter Ends sing "Our Song"
  • Bitter Ends wins Sunfish Spirit Award
  • Barbara Dein (at left far right) honored
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Bitter Ends sing "Our Song"!


FWSA CHAMPIANSHIP REGATTA held May 9th at Sarasota!
420 Winners

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Bitter Ends serve and win!

Bitter Ends'
a i n b o w  W i n n e r s !

Far left, Sunfish, Beth Anderson,
Masters 2nd and Overall 3rd

IOD Team 3rd Place,
Ann Carroll, Judy Karr, Sara Evans,
Penny Washburn

IOD Masters 3rd Place Ann Carroll

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Brenda Bell, Judy Karr, Nancy Marik, and Lynn Paul!
Bitter Ends Winners at Rainbow 2013


 Denis Hill
Memorial Regatta Winners'

Sunfish Beth Anderson, far right
PRAM Miriam Staveley, middle right
IOD Ann Carroll, middle left

Perpetual Trophy Awards
presented by Denis' Widow
Eve Hill, race sponsor, at left.

View Pictures of PRAM/IOD & Sunfish Race Shots
and Awards Party
Winners of Denis Hill Memorial Reagtta!


2013 Winter Race Series Winners

Happy 2013 Winter Winners
1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Winners
Turtle and Perfect Attendance

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Complete List of Winners!

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sailing on Feb. 20, 2013 - Sunfish in light winds.
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Winter 2013
Either Too much, or Not enough,
Valentine's Day No Sail
Valentine's Day No Sail - Foggy - Too Windy

FWSA January Meeting at Bradenton Yacht Club in Palmetto
    hosted by Luffing Lassies.  Nine Bitter Ends attend.
FWSA Jan Meeting

 Photos for FWSA 40th Program pdf symbol (9.4 MB)  

Sailing a 420 Sailboat Bitter Ends try out 420s with lessons
      by Peter & Dalton of VYBA
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Holiday Party

Great attendance at Bitter Ends
Annual Holiday Party and
Fall Race Awards,
SPARCC Donation ($500),
Bitter Ends Song,
White Elephant Gifts and Great Food.
Captain Mardi hosted the
Party in Her New Home!

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Winners 2012 Fall Race Series

First Flight PRAM Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd):
Wendy Murray, Nancy Muldoon, Miriam Staveley
      2nd Flight PRAM Winner:
          Nancy Bradtmiller,
      no 2nd or 3rd qualifiers 

IOD Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd):
Judy Karr, Ann Carroll, Penny Washburn

SUNFISH Winners pictured with Sunfish Race Chair Don Marik:
(1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Beth Anderson, Nancy Marik, Lisa Meacock

Winners November 2012 Home Interclub Winners
Home Interclub
November 7, 2012

SUNFISH (far left to right):
1st, LL, Ursula Olson
2nd, LL, Linda Schwartz
3rd, BE, Lois Steketee

PRAMS (middle to right):
1st, BE, Wendy Murray,
2nd, BE, Judy Collins,
3rd, SS, Joanne Simmons

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      SUNFISH Video!

Bitter Ends in Halloween Costume Halloween Sail to Snake Island
was a huge success as many Bitter
Ends got into costume as Pirates,
Wenches, a Black Cat, and
the Devil.  Prizes were awarded
for best costume.  At Snake
Island Red Beard the Pirate
arrived with Treasure.
Lots of Photos were taken of the
Motley Crew in the act of pillaging.
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Bitter Ends serve as paid volunteers in REV3 Triathlon;  Rough Seas
Cancel Swim Portion - All Still Have Great Time - View Photos! 

         2012 Fall Regatta "Women at the Helm" Winners
             Sunfish, Lois;   IOD, Ann;   Prams, Wendy
                           View Photos & Story
2012 Fall Regatta Winners

       Learn to Sail 2012 Graduates and Organizers
Graduates from the left are Claire, Kathy, Nancy, Sally, Pam
Organizers from the right Brenda Bell, Ann Carroll, and Judy Karr
LTS Graduates and Organizers

      12 bitter Ends attend FWSA Sep 2012 Meeting 
 Click for Report and Photos on FWSA Sept. Meeting!

                        2012-2013 Season Kickoff Meeting and Brunch
 2012-2013 Season Kickoff Meeting & Brunch! Our Hostess Judy Karr!

Sylvia's 80th Birthday Celebration Photos!      View Summer 2012 Photos

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