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                   WINNERS WINTER RACE SERIES 2017
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insert Fall 2016 holiday party

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Springs Winners with Captain Bre nda Bell and Sunfish 1st Place WinnerPam Miller.

2016 Annual Denis Hill Regatta Winners
Lois Steketee, SUNFISH at left; Wendy Murray, PRAMS;
Ann Carroll, IOD; Denis' widow Eve at far right!
Winners 2016 Annual Denis Hill Regatta!

Winter Winners Race Series 2016

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Group photo of Winter Winners 2016!

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Spring Awards Party held Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at the Bath Club in Nokomis
Race Classes: IOD (I), SUNFISH (S), PRAMS (P), and

Front row, l-r: Carolyn Holmes (I-1), Beth Anderson (S-1), Nancy Muldoon (P-1),
2nd row, l-r: Gloria Casey (I-2), Janet Molen (S-2), Nancy Bradtmiller (P-2),
Far back: Brenda Bell (S-3), Far right: Karen Williams, Shipmate of the Year!
Winners not pictured were Miriam Staveley (I-3) and Jane Forbush (P-3)
Turtle Awards (Capsizes) go to Anne Chotkowski and Janet Molen and the Whale Award (Perfect Attendance) goes to Nancy Marik.

Anne,              Janet,          Nancy

 2015 Winter Race Series
March 18, 2015

 Complete List of Winners

Winners left to right, front to back:
IOD 1st Column
Ann Carroll, Gloria Casey, Jan Hughes
PRAM 2nd Column
Lynn Paul, DeDee Connor, Nancy Muldoon
"New Salt" 3rd Column
Lisa Marcotte (
NP*), Nina Rossman (NP*),
Judy Macklin
SUNFISH 4th Column
Janet Molen, Shirley Geoffrion, Lois Steketee

*NP = Not Pictured

 Denis Hill
2015 Memorial Regatta
March 18, 2015

Water Photos!

Denis' Widow, Eve Hill (left),
presented the Trophies to Winners,
Lynn Paul (next to Eve), PRAM;  
Ann Carroll (middle), IOD;
Janet Molen (right), SUNFISH

   Denis Hill
2015 Memorial Regatta
March 18, 2015

Water Photos!

Denis' Widow, Eve Hill (left),
presented the Trophies to Winners,
Lynn Paul (next to Eve), PRAM;  
Ann Carroll (middle), IOD;
Janet Molen (right), SUNFISH

2014 Fall Races Winners and Perfect Attenders!
2014 Spring Race Series Winners:

Left to right columns, front to back:
Sunfish, Beth Anderson(1st), Pam Miller(2nd), Lisa Meacock(3rd)
2nd Flight Prams, Jan Hughes(1st), Linda Sheppard-Millette(2nd), Claire MacFayden(3rd)
IODs, Ann Carroll(1st), Miriam Staveley(2nd), Gloria Casey(3rd)
First Flight Prams, Judy Collins(1st),  Carol Miller(2nd), Nancy Muldoon(3rd)
 View Awards Party Pictures!

Pam Miller, left, receives the Shipmate of the
2013-2014 Year Award!

      2014 Spring Sailing Series Award

SUNFISH  1st Place –Beth Anderson
Place – Pam Miller
3rd Place – Lisa Meacock

First Flight 1st Place – Judy Collins
nd Place – Carol Miller
rd Place – Nancy Muldoon

2nd Flight 1st Place – Jan Hughes
nd Place – Linda Sheppard-Millette
rd Place – Claire MacFayden

IODs 1st Place – Ann Carroll  
nd Place – Miriam Staveley
rd Place – Gloria Casey


Attendance Award, participated in every race:

Nancy Bradtmiller, Jan Hughes, Linda Sheppard-Millette, Sherry Beck, Ann Carroll,  Gloria Casey, Miriam Staveley, Pam Miller

2013-2014 Shipmate Award:  Pam Miller


2014 Winter Race Series Winners:    View Party Photos!

Left to right columns, front to back:
 Flight A Prams, Wendy Murray(1st), Judy Collins(2nd), Carol Miller(3rd)
Flight B (New Salts), Jan Hughes(1st), Linda Sheppard-Millette(2nd), no 3rd
IODs, Ann Carroll(1st), Miriam Staveley(2nd), Penny Washburn(3rd)
Sunfish, Janet Molen(1st), Pam Miller(2nd), Shirley Geoffrion(3rd)

        View RAINBOW 2014 Pictures

2013 Fall Winners Awarded at Holiday Party.     Party Photos!

Pictured, l-r, are Linda, Pam, Judy C., Brenda, Nancy B., Carolyn, Wendy
                                  Winners Fall 2013 Race Series:

SUNFISH:  1st-Pam Miller, 2nd-Brenda Bell, 3rd-Lisa Meacock

IODs:  1st-Judy Karr, 2nd-Gloria Casey, 3rd-Carolyn Holmes

PRAMs 1st Flight:  1st-Wendy Murray, 2nd-Judy Collins, 3rd-Nancy Bradtmiller

PRAMs 2nd Flight (New Salts):  1st-Susan Colunio, 2nd-Linda Sheppard-Millette, 3rd-Kathryn Heywood

Above Judy Karr (right) accepts her
1st Place IOD Award from
Karen Williams (left), Race Chair.

 In PRAMS 2nd Flight, above left New Salt, Susan Colunio, wins 1st Place,
and at right New Salt, Kathryn Heywood, wins 3rd Place.
Both New Salts had Perfect Attendance! 

 2013 Fall Regatta Winners
Women at the Helm Regatta
Held November 20, 2013

Winners at left:
Sunfish, Brenda Bell (right)
Prams, Carol Miller (left)
IODs, Judy Karr (middle)

Notice of Race
       Sailing Instructions

Read the Regatta Report by Beth Anderson

The 2013 Spring Race Series Winners!

  PRAMS 2nd Flight PRAMS 1st Flight IODs SUNFISH
1st, front row  Nancy B  Wendy Ann Janet
2nd, 2nd row Helen  Miriam    Judy Lois
3rd, 3rd row Claire  n/a Carolyn Pam

Shipmate Award:  Carol Crane

Attendance Award, participated in every race:  Wendy Murray, Miriam Staveley, Ann Carroll, Carolyn Holmes, Judy Karr, Pam Miller, Beth Anderson.

Turtle Award:  Janet Molen, Pam Miller, Lois Steketee

Mermaid (new wet) Award:  Carolyn Holmes

     View Party Awards Photos!

2013 Winter Race Series Winners

Happy 2013 Winter Winners
1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Winners
Turtle and Perfect Attendance

Click to read the
Complete List of Winners!

View Photos of Awards Party

Winners 2012 Fall Race Series

First Flight PRAM Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd):
Wendy Murray, Nancy Muldoon, Miriam Staveley
      2nd Flight PRAM Winner:
          Nancy Bradtmiller,
      no 2nd or 3rd qualifiers 

IOD Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd):
Judy Karr, Ann Carroll, Penny Washburn

SUNFISH Winners pictured with Sunfish Race Chair Don Marik:
(1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Beth Anderson, Nancy Marik, Lisa Meacock

Spring Series 2012 Awards

     Click for Party Photos

SUNFISH  (Front to back, far right)

1st place - Beth Anderson

2nd place - Lois Steketee

3rd place - Janet Molen



First Flight  (Front to back, 2nd from left)

       1st place - Wendy Murray

2nd place - Judy Collins 

3rd place - Miriam Staveley


Second Flight (Front to back, far left)

       1st place- - Nancy Bradtmiller (not pictured)

2nd place - Carolyn Holmes

3rd place - Helen Gokbudak


IODs   (Front to back, 2nd from right)     

        1st place  - Ann Carroll

        2nd place - Judy Karr

 3rd place - Penny Washburn


Attendance Award, participated in every race day:

Wendy Murray and Miriam Staveley                       


Shipmate award:  Ann Carroll

Winter-Spring Race Series Winners
   2nd Flight,     1st Flight,    IODs,         Sunfish

2011-2012 Fall-WInter Race Series Winners!

Winners and Honorees of 2011 Winter/Spring Race Series
Click to read story and view more pictures!

Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Race Series Awards

Optimist PRAM Class:
Flight A: Wendy Murray, Judy Collins, Janet Molen
Flight B: Carol Crane, Sylvia Turner, no 3rd
Flight C (New Salts): Lisa Meacock, Gloria Casey, Judy Clements

IOD Class: Lynn Paul, Carolyn Holmes, Mardi Skoegard

Beth Anderson, Judy Karr, Shirley Geoffrion

Winter/Spring 2010 Race Series Winners
View Awards Party Pictures!

Pictured left to right are: Judy Karr, Beth Anderson, Lynn Paul, Wendy Murray, Carol Crane, Miriam Staveley, Carolyn Holmes, and Judy Collins.
The Winners:
1st: Wendy Murray 1st: Miriam Staveley 1st: Beth Anderson
2nd: Lynn Paul 2nd: Carolyn Holmes 2nd: Lois Steketee
3rd: Judy Collins 3rd: Carol Crane 3rd: Judy Karr

FALL/WINTER '09-'10 RACE WINNERS are: race_winners_09-10

Right to left in photo are:

Front Row:  Yvonne Sonnenleiter, Judy Karr, and Penny Washburn (2009-2010 Captain)

Back Row: Terrie Gwaltney, Carolyn Holmes, Bettine DeLea, Lynn Paul, Sylvia Turner, Vera Taborsky, and Helen Gokbudak

Awards Party

  PRAMS Flight A PRAMS Flight B PRAMS Beginners SUNFISH
1st:  Penny Washburn Helen Gokbudak Carolyn Holmes Yvonne Sonnenleiter
2nd:  Lynn Paul Vera Taborsky Susan Hines  Beth Anderson
3rd:  Bettine DeLea Sylvia Turner Terrie Gwaltney Judy Karr


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