Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


Winter/Spring 2010 Awards Party (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Our party starts with Appetizers, getting started is Vera Taborsky

and ends with Desserts, what follows happened in between!

Everbody settles down for the Awards Ceremony

All were glad that Bettine DeLea made the party in her new Frog Bespeckled Cast

Carol Miller shows off Sylvia's Painting for Bob Kelly Thank You Gift

Nancy Bradtmiller and Carol Crane recieve thank you paintings(each winning) as they retire as Secreatary and Treasurer, Capt.Penny (middle) represents

Captain Penny awards thank you towels with Bitter Ends Logo

Beth Anderson earns the club the Ardith Rutland Sprirt Award for Interclub participation.

Close-up of the Perpetual Spirit Award

Beth also is our club's 2009-2010 nominee for the FWSA Lilly Kaighin Award.

Race Chairman Karen Williams begins the Race Awards.

Wendy Murray recieves Perfect Attendance Award

Jane Forbush recieves Perfect Attendance and Turtle Awards.

Helen Gobudak is honored with the Turtle Award for next to Last Sail Day Mishap

Beth Anderson also earns the Turtle Award for next to Last Sail Day Mishap

Prams Flight A Winners: Wendy Murray, 1st, Lynn Paul, 2nd, and Judy Collins, 3rd

Prams Flight B Winners: Miriam Staveley, 1st, Carolyn Holmes, 2nd, and Carol Crane, 3rd

Sunfish Winners: Beth Anderson, 1st, Lois Steketee (not pictured), 2nd and Judy Karr, 3rd

Winter/Spring 2010 Race Winners Group

Lynn Paul is honored with the Shipmate of the Year Award for 2009-2010 Season

New Captain Wendy Murray takes the Helm from outgoing Captain Penny Washburn

Captain Wendy presents Captain Penny with a Thank You Trophy

Historian Ethel VanDam holds up one of the clubs Scapebooks

Sunfish Sailor Marguerite O'Connor with her visiting son Richard

Honorary Member and Past Sailor Alba Rambaldi (left)is joined by her daughter Laura

Plans are made for Summer Activities

Miriam Steveley and Sunsan Hines review the Scapebook

Sara Yunker and Mardi Skoegard

Nancy Marik fills her plate with the delicious Brunch foods

Marguerite O'Connor starts to fill her plate too!

Don Marik, acting Sunfish Race Chairman, enjoys a sandwich


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