Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


Winter/Spring 2009 Awards Party (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

The charming center pieces!

The great food.

Race Boat Chairmens, Bob and Garry, ready for a party.

Miriam's beauties.

Many sailors were in attendance.

Sara holds her turtle award.

Lynn wins first place in prams Flight A.

Elin takes third in prams Flight B.

Captain Judy is honored with Shipmate of the Year Award!

Captain Judy presents Sylvia with our Lily Kaighin Award Nominee.

Sailors anxiously listen as awards are announced.

Captain Judy Karr passes on the helm to new Captain Penny Washburn

The "WINNERS"! 1st: Lynn (PA), Miriam (PB), Beth (S)

2nd: Wendy (PA), Helen (PB) and Lois (S)

3rd: Jane (PA), Elin (PB), Judy (S)

The "Turtle" (Capsize) Honorees Sara and Lois!

Lois hugs Bob Kelly, our Sunfish Race Chainmen!

Winding down, the party's almost over!

Captain Penny at the helm!


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