Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


Bitter Ends 35th Anniversary Party, 2011

    Wonderful 35th Celebration held Friday January 21, 2011 at the Venice Yacht
Club.   Highlights were an overview of our History from its beginnings to the
present day by Captain Wendy Murray.  An event program was prepared by
Karen Williams.  View the event program (pdf).
    A spoof on Learn to Sail Class was presented by Barbara Dein and Lois
    A DVD photo journey "Through the Years" was shown by Nancy Marik.
Download the DVD!  Followed by a Quiz on the Parts of the Pram and a
special Red Hat feature by Lois Steketee.   A walk down memory lane and a
tribute to Sylvia Turner by Eve Hill also occurred.
    New Bitter Ends Banner Quilt by member Miriam Staveley hung proudly over
the podium and will last for years to come.
    All tables had 35 Years Photo Ring Centerpieces by Sylvia Turner. 
Each place setting had complimentary Commemorative Book Marks by Nancy
Marik and her Cutting Committee Judy Collins and Carol Miller, and Kilwins
Chocolates.  Both added special touches to the occasion.
    Penny Washburn the Anniversary Committee Head thanked the Anniversary
committee and all those who attended.  The program concluded with a drawing
for three large Gift Baskets coordinated by Judy Karr.  Winners were Carol
Crane, Sara Yunker and Brenda Bell.

Pictures by Carolyn Holmes, MadSaltyDog, using Judy Karr's camera, Karen Williams and Nancy Marik.
Collage arrangements by Nancy Marik.

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