Pool Party at Sylvia Turner's Home, June 30, 2010 

    Ahoy Mates, Just a short summary of the summer pool party at Sylvia's. The theme seemed to be Wine, Wet Women and Watermelon. Sylvia Turner hosted a wonderful pool party on June 30, 2010. Sylvia's home is just beautiful and she was a great hostess to a jamming crowd of Bitter Enders. There was quite a turnout and if you missed this party - you missed a very nice time! Nancy Marik and Carol Miller brought in the collage for Bob Kelly. It was very professional looking and hopefully he will enjoy looking at his "old" mates. A lot of hardy folks kayaked over from several spots. We got some rain after a few hours, so some people got drenched going home. Helen Gokbudak did the sensible thing and came back to the party after her drenching! Bettine DeLea was at the party and her bones are healing nicely and she may be able to get her cast off a few weeks early. Thank you Sylvia for your hospitality. I especially loved your top secret diving board. Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Holmes.
                   Pictures by Ethel VanDam and Nancy Marik
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