Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


Sertoma Sun Fiesta Parade 2010 (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

 Bitter Ends Sun Fiesta Group Picture - Click for larger image!
 WOW...I am impressed on how great everyone looked. Is the clown Nancy Muldoon? Nice photo of Nancy Marik giving out the candy. I think I saw Mardi wearing a boat. Sylvia and XC Penny in the cart and Nancy Bradtmiller, Carol Boardman, Carolyn Holmes and her brother. Thanks to Carol Crane for our little young man in the parade. Garry and Bettine in their car and I might be wrong on this....but was that "our" Barbara Dein in all blue with the mustache.??? Sorry if I missed mentioning some of the marchers....I couldn't see all of the faces..... Miriam and her committee did an excellent job in representing the Bitter Ends in the Sun Fiesta Parade. Thank you again Miriam for coming up with all the ideas for the parade. Submitted by Captain Wendy Murray

   What a great showing for this year's parade from our Bitter Ends. We did ourselves proud and had a great time. Thanks to such work by Miriam, Judy, Mardi, dancing Carolyn all the way, her Bro Richard giving up Gators Homecoming and Gloria with "Sweetie" in tow. We must get a prize and not be place in last starting place. Others to numerous to mention. What a Group on and Off the Water.  - Penny Washburn, Past Captain
              Pictures by Nancy Marik, Judy Karr, Bob Dein, Judy Collins and Beth Anderson


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