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Marguerite O'Connor's Party (September 29, 2010) & later
Collage & DVD Presentation (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Marguerite O'Connor, center, Nancy Marik, left, Carol Miller, right.  Nancy, Carol and Barbara Dein (not pictured) worked together gathering pictures to make the Collage and DVD, entitled Marguerite O'Connor, Energizer Sailor!
Presented after the Fall Regatta, Oct. 13th
framed 16"X20" Poster Collage
Marguerite O'Connor's Celebration

Captain Wendy Murray, left, left holds up the cake and Marguerite, right, holds Sylvia's beautiful painting of Marguerite sailing.

MARGUERITE'S PARTY @ Higel Park: The party for Marguerite was wonderful. Capt. Wendy and Sylvia Turner did a nice job with food (Sylvia's potato salad is to die for). Capt. Wendy, Marguerite, Lois Steketee, and Barbara Dein reminisced about the many years that Marguerite has been with the group and her exploits.
The one that stuck out in my mind was the climbing of the 55' mast (at age 80!!) There were pictures shown and tears shed by all. We will all miss Marguerite - she was a great mentor to our group.
   Miriam Stavely also presented ideas for our walk in the Sun Fiesta Parade, whose theme is "Life is a Circus". Don't forget to get a Sailor Hat. Also, white shirts, blue shorts. Some of Miriam's ideas include big gloves, striped socks, bow tie or long necktie, ruffle collar, multi-color felt circles on sailor hat - Miriam will supply the circles. Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Holmes, MSD, Secretary

Miriam Stavely gives us many ideas how to decorate for Sun Fiesta Parade with a Circus theme.


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