Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


February 26, 2009 - Bitter Ends competed, in PARMS, Nancy Muldoon, and
in Sunfish, Nancy Marik, in Interclub with the Salty Sisters at St. Petersburg
Sailing Center.  Also Competing in Sunfish were the Dinghy Dames of Davis
Island, and in PRAMS were the Dingy Dames, Windlasses (Dunedin), TI Tackers
(Treasure Island) and Broad Reachers (Pass-a-Grill).

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Launching a Sunfish is a 4 person teamwork effort!

After getting the Sunfish in the water, its painter is tossed to another person (see elbow in lower right) to get it tied to the dock.

The race course was setup near the St. Pete Pier.

Nancy Muldoon is PRAM, Sail #17.

Nancy Marik in Sunfish with red/white/blue colors.

Nancy Muldoon is in PRAM on far left.

Winds were mild with 2-3 foot swells!

Visiting vessel!

"The Pier"

PRAM winners: Amanda Huff (DD) 1st, Sherry Swan (DD) 2nd, and Dotly Wolski (W) 3rd.

Sunfish winners: All Dinghy Dames: Peggy Degling 1st, Cherry Jones 2nd, and Terry Holcome 3rd.

No awards Bitter Ends gals: Nancy Muldoon (left) and Nancy Marik (right).

Thank You! Salty Sisters! Lunch was a Buffet at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in the Waterfront Room. Table was lovely decorated in nautical theme!

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