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Bitter Ends Home Interclub - November 17, 2010 (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

Our "Come Sail Away" Interclub included four guest clubs (see below).  Light winds made for a slow start, but the weather front came through and a nice breeze picked up just in time!  After the regatta, an awards luncheon was held at the VYC Tiki Bar.  All had a fun time, on and off the water!  Thank you to everyone involved.
Competing in SUNFISH were sailors from the Luffing Lassies (Sarasota) and Bitter Ends (Venice). Competing in PRAMS were sailors from the Luffing Lassies (Sarasota), Mainsheet Mamas (Tampa), Salty Sisters (St. Pete), Windlasses (Dunedin) and Bitter Ends (Venice)
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SUNFISH Winners, Luffing Lassies take all with 1st, Michelle Lee, right; 2nd, Jillian Whatmore, middle; 3rd, Jib Browning,left. PRAM Winners, Bitter Ends sweep with 1st, Wendy Murray, middle; 2nd, Judy Collins, right; 3rd, Mainsheet Mamas PJ Sommerville, left.

Captain Wendy Murray kicks off the day with a quick morning meeting before our guests arrive!

Lynn Paul, left, our Interclub Chair who coordinated the Regatta and Karen Williams, right, our Race Committee Chair

And the Winners are ... (see above)

Beth Anderson, Lunch Coordinator for the Awards Luncheon

Sylvia Turner, far left, made most of the Prizes for our Winners, Hand Painted Watercolor pictures.

Opps! Jillian's 2nd place Prize had a little accident before being presented. She was a good sport about it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nancy Bradtmiller, sailing on her Birthday!


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