December 8, 2009 - Bitter Ends Judy Collins, Miriam Stavely and Penny
Washington and Beth Anderson traveled to St. Pete for Interclub.
It was a foggy morning and when it burned off very light (no wind)! We
completed one race and had a delightful lunch with the four clubs
participating.  Our Beth came in first in Sunfish Fleet- Judy Collins took
second in the Prams. Miriam came in 7th out of 13 sailors!

                        Report by Captain Penny Washburn
(Click photo for larger image of photo)
Bitter Ends Sailors take on the Salty Sisters of St. PetersburgLeft to right are Beth, Miriam, Judy,
and Captain Penny

 Sunfish Winners above
1st Beth (BE),
2nd Peggy (DD),
3rd Bonnie (DD)

Pram Winners at left (l to r)
1st Tove (SS)
3rd Meredith (DD),
2nd Judy (BE)

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