Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


FWSA Meeting, May 20, 2010

Eleven Bitter Ends attended the May FWSA meeting at St. Petersburg (Salty Sisters).  Judy Karr, our 1st Delegate, gave her report on our activities since January.  Highlights of the meeting, Bitter Ends earned Sunfish Spirit Award.  We thank Beth Anderson for her participation in Interclubs which winning this award reflects.  The  Salty Sisters of St. Pepe received the Pram Spirit Award.  Lilly Kaighin Award goes to past FWSA President Fay Nicholson.   A new club was welcomed,  Sarasota Yacht Club Keel Magnolias.  Not wanting to compete with their Luffing Lassie Sisters they have chosen keel boats (Sonars).  Young Woman Sailor Award (YWSA) trophy and $1,000 went to Paige Railey (accepted by her twin sister Brooke) nominated by the Bow Chasers of Clearwater, who received a new Perpetual Award for being the nominating club.  New president of FWSA for 2010-2011 is Sue Lapp (Broad Reachers of Pass-A-Grille), Gloria Davis is the new Vice President (Salty Sisters-St. Pepe).  All had a good day!   Submitted by Nancy Marik, 2nd Delegate.
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Above are left to right in front are Mardi & Carolyn, in back are Nancy Ma., Judy Karr, Nancy Mu., Nancy B., Helen, Lynn, Carol, Jill, and Ethel.

Tables all had Tall Ships and colorful Club Wheels as decorations.

Above Judy Karr, 1st Delegate, gives her report on Bitter Ends activities since January.

Bitter Ends wins Aridith Rutland Sunfish Spirit Award, 1st Delegate Judy Karr accepted the award on behalf or our club. On right is Aridith Rutland.

Salty Sisters win Pram Spirit Award.

Outgoing President Joanne Simmons, left, and in coming President, Sue Lapp, right.

Left Brooke Railey accepting YWSA Award for twin sister Paige presented by Fran Mericle. Paige is in Mandatory Olyimpic Sailing events in England.

Left is new President Sue Lapp (Broad Reachers) and right is new Vice President Gloria Davis (Salty Sisters).