Bitter Ends - Venice Women's Sailing Squadron


FWSA January 2009 Meeting (click on photo for larger image and back button to return)

The FWSA January luncheon was held at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club at Pass-a-Grill.

Bitter Ends Beth Anderson gives her report as the FWSA Secretary

Bitter Ends First Delegate Nancy Marik reports on our activities since the last FWSA meeting.

As centerpieces a Brod Reacher cut out these paper boats. They were set on scapebook paper resembling the Gulf and trimmed with beads. Looked great!

Bitter Ends Ladies relax before the meeting starts.

Catching Captain Judy Karr and Penny Washburn after lunch.

During the Trivia Contest Bitter Ends Vera Taborsky writes the answers for her table.

Past FWSA President Fran Mericule of the Luffing Ladies helps her table come in second to the had table in the Trivia Contest.

Sue Lapp of the Broad Reachers won the 50/50 receiving $112.

Secretary Beth Anderson collects id badges and wears one of the winning necklaces from the head tables' win of the trivia contest.


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