Summer 2021 Activity 3: Touring Punta Gorda - June 16, 2021 -         

Bitter Ends, June 16, 2021. Summer Activity 3, Touring Punta Gorda Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens and Town. 

Hostess Marge Whiteman found a delightful hidden treasure in the Peace River Gardens and easy walk around Punta Gorda town with lunch at F.M. Don’s Restaurant.   Starting the day by meeting at the Black Gold Coffee parking lot near the Jacaranda I-75 entrance, thirteen gathered with some enjoying the Black Gold Coffee.  Fitting into three SUVs driven by Hostess Marge, Jill Joos, and Nancy Marik we made good time arriving at the Gardens.  The rain thankfully held off and we were shaded by the overcast as it was quite humid.  We were delighted by the many interesting life like sculptures and healthy blooming plants.   Stopping at the event building for restrooms and the Gift Shop area complete with a large Koi Pond, several bought food to feed the many koi.  The gardens continued onto a pier boardwalk with a gazebo out on the Peace River.   Next, we went into Punta Gorda downtown, parking at the free city garage on Herald Ct.  We were early for the lunch reservation which gave time to browse the shops.  Of most interest was the Grape Leaf Gallery where we were tempted by handmade Kaleidoscopes and colorful art works.  The Punta Gorda Mercantile got our business as several purchased earrings, sweet goodies, fruit spreads, etc.  Lunch at F.M. Don’s generated mixed comments as some meals were enjoyed more than others and the service was a bit slow, especially on our bar orders.  Our adventure continued with the promised Wine & Chocolate Shop.  Many bought boxes of the colorful handmade chocolates and spirits of various kinds. 

This week’s themed collage is using a silhouette of the Gardens logo the “Steel Palm” signature sculpture.  Note if you missed this enjoyable outing check out the Gardens’ very informative website:  https://peacerivergardens.org/ .

At the Gardens entrance! Left to right: Wendy, Pam, Lois, Karen, Sherry, Penny, Pam I-R possible new member, Carol, Marge, Jane, Ann, Jill, Nancy.

Meeting early 13 depart in 3 SUVs, Marge, Jill and Nancy are drivers!

Hostess recent Past Captain Marge Whiteman

The very popular hands on "Laundry Day" sculpture.

Captain Pam Miller

Vice-Captain Jane Gallagher

Fire Ant Attack! Sherry Beck on the right was attacked while standing for the laundry photo, which she missed being in.

Abundant wildlife all around!

Karen Williams by the giant tree trellis!

Is she real?

Nancy Marik

Feeding the Koi!

Just a few of the many, healthy bloomimg plants!


Lois Steketee is impressed by the "New York City Slicker" sculpture.

"Steel Palm", signature logo sculpture!

Could we ever do this?

Entitled "Ostriches" and they are really that big!

Downtown Punta Gorda!


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