Summer 2021 Activity 8: Mini Golf at Evie's Family Golf on Bee Ridge - July 28, 2021 -         

    Hosted by Marge Whiteman our morning started with meeting for breakfast at 9 am at First Watch on Cattleman and Bee Ridge in Sarasota.  Eventually 15 came for breakfast.  Considering the size and varied orders the service was good and the food came quickly.  We posed for a group picture and admired the different selections from giant blueberry pancakes to butter and syrup-soaked French toast to Healthy Turkey and Avocado Toast. 

   On to Evie’s Family Golf located a few miles west on Bee Ridge from the restaurant.  Here former sailor and anchor Lisa Marcotte joined our group making our count 16.  After threatening weather caused us to consider not playing as we went back and forth for a few minutes on yea or nay.  Finally, we all just did it.  As seniors most received a $1 discounted.  Our line to pay went quickly and each got to choose our own-colored ball.  We broke up into groups of 4 to T off.  Play went fairly quickly as the teams worked their way through the 18 holes.   Most holes provided our balls with a water dunking when putted into the holes.  The course provided a wide variety of obstacles to overcome including rocks, a flowing stream, and standing water on a lot of the greens.  It didn’t rain on us and even the sun came out for a while.   But it did get quite humid. 

   The results:   We had 1 hole in one golfer and also low score winner Jean Ozimek with 48 on 18 holes.  Hostess Marge presented her with a little bagged prize:  Cute golf ball earnings!  Next the 5 highest score “losers” were presented Honey Energy Chews for game strengthening.   Note the highest score of 80 on 18 holes was earned by Nancy Marik.   As a little favor Hostess Marge presented a face painted golf ball to each. Thank you, Marge!


Hostess Marge Whiteman

Waiting in line went quickly.

Setting the western theme at course start, Ann in irons.

Mary Team 1 teeing off.

Carol C. Team 2 teeing off.

Team 2 studying the ball.

Team 4 (Lois, Karen, Lisa, and Jam) getting ready to T Off!

Ann and Sue on Team 3!

Team 3, Sue putting!

Team 3, Shirley putting!

Ball in motion!

Nancy on Team 3!

Team 2 in the distance, Marge, Jane, Wendy, and Carol C.

Tallying scores Hostess Marge and Jane!

Winner and Hole in One Golfer Jean, on Team 4, with prize cute golf ball earnings.

The highest score "losers" with their prizes Honey Energy Chews! T1 Penny, Mary T1, Wendy, T2, Pam R., T1, Nancy, T3.

Distinction, Nancy with highest score, 80!


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